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Poll: New Tone Nominees For Week of March 13-19

Posted on March 19 2011 11:18 am
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On January 8, 2011, an unbalanced follower of the left-wing Zeitgeist movement, Jared Loughner, targeting  Democrat Rep Gabrielle Giffords at a Safeway in Tucson, sprayed bullets through the crowd of constituents, killing 6, and injuring 13. Giffords, who miraculously survived,  was shot in the head at point blank range, and is still recovering from her injuries.

In the wake of that horror, the left blamed Sarah Palin, and the tea party, saying their uncivil rhetoric led to the senseless tragedy, and the MSM advanced that narrative in their reports. The National Institute For Civil Discourse was launched  by former Presidents Clinton and Bush I at the University of AZ in Tucson for  “debate, research, education and policy generation regarding civic engagement and civility in public discourse consistent with First Amendment principles”. As liberals used the unfortunate incident to call for a “new tone” in Washington, conservatives suspected that somehow the focus would only be on their tone, while libs would continue using uncivil and unhinged rhetoric unabated.

As the past few months have demonstrated, conservative suspicions have proven correct. The Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse was set up to track just how uncivil the left can be, and the double standard that exists in the reporting of left-wing incivility and violence.

The New Tone Award is reserved for liberal notables who spectacularly fail in the area of “civility in discourse”:

Chris Matthews for saying Huckabee Uses ‘Racist’ Tactics

Susan Sarandon for calling Scott Walker an ‘idiot’

Lawrence O’Donnell for asking, ” What makes Bachmann’s rich, white voters so ignorant?

Alan Grayson for saying Gov. Rick Scott wants FL to become like Somalia

Kathy Griffin for depicting ‘Tea Partier’ as birther on ‘Glee’

Harry Reid for saying “Tea Party with their “extreme positions” is “short-lived”

Biden for praising Unions for keeping Republican “barbarians from the gate”…

Vote for your choice, here.

Cross-posted at  Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse

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