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Iraqi Christians Face Genocide, Demand Separate Province and Right to Exist

Posted on March 18 2011 12:08 pm
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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Iraqi Christians now face genocide and are claiming a “right of existence” for all non-Muslim minorities as Islamists continue their bloody holy war against all who dare profess belief in anything but Islam.

Since 2003, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians have either fled to the northern Iraqi province of Kurdistan and other countries, or have been massacred while the leftist media, the Islamapologist brigade at the White House, and even the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops maintain complete silence about their status. Regardless of what one’s views may be on the War in Iraq, there is no excuse for turning a blind eye to genocide. No matter who the perpetrators and victims are. The world needs to know the truth about the Christians of Iraq.

Freedom of conscience is one of the most important tenets of Christianity, but its infringement is among the harshest provisions of Sharia Law. While Islamapologists in the Obama Administration and the leftist media busy themselves with defending the virtues of Islam, smearing as bigots all who dare question the “‘religion of peace,” no one on the Left is mentioning how the Christians of Iraq are faring under Islamists who make up the majority in Iraq.

In January, Catholic Archbishop Bashar Warda of northern Iraq announced that the Church is responding to the exodus of Christians from heavily persecuted regions farther south, like Baghdad, not by building bombs, but by building a hospital and a university.

The plans we have been developing over the past few months are symbols of hope for the Christian presence in our country.

Actions such as this are the only “crusade” you will find coming out of today’s Catholic Church, no matter what the Left may have you believe.

These plans, for the construction of the hospital and university, reflect three things the Catholic Church in Iraq would like to promote: respect for the health (not destruction) of the human person, opportunity for freedom in education, and employment for those who are fleeing to the north in the face of Islamic aggression.

Despite the nature of the Christian role in Iraq, in a March 15 report to Pope Benedict’s charity for persecuted Christians, Archbishop Warda could report no good news and said that Christians now face “near genocide conditions” as “one of the non-Muslim minority inhabitants of Iraq.” Since 2003, nearly one million Iraqi Christians have either fled or been murdered. A systematic bombing campaign” has resulted in attacks on 66 churches, two convents, a monastery and an orphanage.

Who attacks orphanages? Not Mormons. Not Jews. Islamists attack orphanages. Whether in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Sudan, or Iraq, it’s not the papists who are attacking orphanages–it’s Muslims. Unlike Cardinal Sfeir of Lebanon, Archbishop Warda is clearly not content to give those who promote government  based on Islamic law a pass for crimes against humanity.

In Iraq, 40 years of war and oppression have strengthened our endurance and our resolve to stand strong and to claim our legal and historical right as a Church and as a people in Iraq. We have not come this far to give up.

Through the international support and solidarity that this report will create, I believe we can be stronger in our unity and more strategic in our search for sustainable solutions.

What we Iraqis are suffering is a crisis in cultural change. We are living in a region which cannot decide if it is for democracy or for Islamic law. It cannot decide if it is for the rights of human beings to live in freedom in all its exciting and challenging forms, or if it is for the control of the spirit and the minds of its people.

This is the kind of control that welcomes the terrorist methods of intimidation, kidnapping and killing of religious minorities.


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