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Theater of Fairness, Starring Rep. Al Green, Radical Islamists, & the KKK

Posted on March 16 2011 8:35 pm
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The House Homeland Security Committee hearings on the radical Islamic threat facing America’s youth produced some incredible moments, some heartbreaking, some stupefying and others Razzie-worthy (Keith Ellison, anyone?) That was the worst fake crying I’ve ever seen, but at least it was entertaining. Congressman Al Green, however, insulted my intelligence.

When it was Green’s turn to add his remarks to the record, he took the opportunity to demand to know why the committee wasn’t investigating the Ku Klux Klan. If I had to guess, off the top of my head, I’d say it is because since the 1960’s the KKK has only killed one person and that was someone they were actually recruiting! She was not a minority, but a fellow traveler who got caught in an initiation ceremony gone wrong. Not only has the KKK been pretty quiet, but today its members number just a few thousand. The most prominent figures today in the KKK split their time between dry cleaning their robes and appearing on “The Jerry Springer Show.”

I actually agree with Green that the KKK should be considered a terrorist organization and as such should be railroaded right out of existence, which the American people have effectively done. The KKK is dead and any power they ever had is gone. What’s left is a sad joke. I imagine their meetings to be three guys without one full set of teeth between them. Green said he’s concerned about Christianity’s ties to the KKK in the same way the rest of us are concerned about Islam and its ties to jihad. I would agree with Green if in the last 10 years, the KKK had killed over 3,000 Americans in the name of Jesus.

Instinctively, Green seems to know this is a terrible argument because he outed his real intentions, admitting he’s not really concerned about the danger of the KKK or its alleged ties to Christianity, he’s simply concerned about how it looks.

It’s about the fundamental fairness.

What is it with the Left and “fairness”? They have a constant need to equalize outcomes at the expense of wisdom. It is a glorification of style over substance that is endangering the entire world. The “feminists” are so terrified people will think they’re racists, they defend cutting the clitorises of little girls. The Department of Homeland Security is so obsessed with not appearing xenophobic or racist they pretend little old ladies and colostomy patients are the real threat to our security. Despite what we know about the effectiveness of the Israeli method of interrogation and profiling, the TSA is determined instead to star in the theater of fairness. And really, the Left is all about the big show and Al Green is auditioning for the starring role.

Green wants to turn Peter King’s hearings into musical theater starring a kick line of robed KKK has-beens for no other purpose but to make it look “fair.” The hearings were called to determine the threat level that Islamic radicalization of Americans poses to our country. This threat is real, it is happening now and people are dying.

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