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10 Reasons Public School Teachers and Unions are Failing Children and Bankrupting America

Posted on March 14 2011 8:00 pm
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Corruption, greed, incompetence, bureaucratic bungling: Those are the things most likely to be found when the charade of public union outrage is peeled back to reveal the inner workings of collective bargaining. There is no doubt America is engaged in an ideological battle. On one side are the public sector unions and “workers” demanding the taxpayers cough up more to fund their fat paychecks and bloated pensions. On the other side are the majority of Americans who work in the private sector, fund their own retirements and health care, and have no entitlement programs they haven’t designed themselves. The public sector is asking for more blood while the private sector is beaten unconscious and bleeding from every major artery.

The newly elected Republican guard is trying to stop the bleeding, starting with the mess that is the public union. The howling has only just begun (see Wisconsin and Ohio). The Left has used unions and “workers’ rights” throughout history to weave their socialist ideals into the fabric of society. They use words and ideas that sound good in theory like “all children have the right to education! All workers have the right to a fair wage! A chicken on every table! A rice cooker on every counter!” They use these mantras to make anyone who doesn’t think leftist ideas actually help people feel ashamed of themselves. But when you get down to the practical application of their ideas, you find the nice words are covering up a festering, rotting corpse of horror.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the public school system where we are facing record malfeasance and mismanagement of public trust.

10. Grace Currin

No list about government waste would be complete without a visit to one of the best… of the worst in public education: the Chicago Public School System where bad teachers survive and illiterate kids waste away. Grace Currin’s entire fourth grade class will be showing up for summer school because of her inability to educate them sufficiently to pass. That’s right, they all failed. Three different principals in her school tried to fire her. They failed due to union attack dogs who refused (and continue to refuse) to allow any dues-paying tenured member to fall off the rolls no matter how stupid they are. Witnesses to her teaching style have reported heinous behavior.

The noise level in the class is unbelievable. Kids are fighting. Children are rolling around on the floor. They are throwing chairs across the room. One day I walked into her classroom and said, ‘Did you see that chair fly across the room?’ and she said, ‘I told them not to do that.’

Currin even admits she’s part of the problem, but mostly blames it on the children.

I am part of the problem, but remember, you can’t expect miracles when you have low achievers.

Currin has been teaching for 30 years. It strains the mind to imagine how many young minds were ruined by her ineptitude. However, she can still count on the full support of her union who apparently couldn’t care less that Chicago school children pay the price.

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