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Obama Administration Throws Israel Under “The Human Rights Council” Bus

Posted on March 12 2011 8:40 pm
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It sounded good on the surface, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton scolded the Human Rights Council (HRC) last month for its “structural bias” against Israel. But closer examination reveals those words were nothing more than a sugarcoated shelter for the Obama administration to hide behind while once again deserting a loyal ally.

Unfortunately for them, the subterfuge didn’t go unreported. Anne Bayefsky with Eye on the U.N. provided sorely-needed context behind Clinton’s lip-service for Israel, exposing the camouflage and revealing what was really on the U.S. agenda that day: “an urgent rescue mission,” Bayefsky wrote, for Israel’s enemies at the HRC.

She [Clinton] is in Geneva to protect the administration’s investment in the U.N. human rights organization’s top body, which only six months ago welcomed Libya as a full member and only three months ago passed it through its meaningless “universal periodic review” process, touted as its number one monitoring procedure.

Bayefsky went on to explain how Clinton’s words were merely an exhibitionist slap on the wrist to placate the free world, while secretly extending a helping hand to the sponsors of terrorism who pack the Orwellian-titled HRC. This was accomplished by simply doing nothing to stop the HRC’s rabidly anti-Semitic agenda from advancing beyond a five-year review phase and into permanent status – accomplishing, as Bayefsky wrote, “In the world of U.N. diplomacy… backstabbing at its finest.”

When the President Obama joined the Council it promised that changing the discriminatory agenda would be their first priority. On Thursday, we discovered, it was a hoax. The review process has been going on in the context of a working group of all interested members of the U.N. The working group adopted its report on Thursday by consensus – with the U.S. present. […] In plain English, that means business as usual, resolution 5/1 being the discriminatory agenda adopted in June 2007.  […]

Secretary Clinton today repeated the mantra. But what she did not say is that when the business-as-usual U.N. “reform” report was approved late Thursday, the only thing the U.S. delegation did was to make a short statement that it “did not support” the permanent Israel-bashing item. In the world of U.N. diplomacy that is backstabbing at its finest.

If the Obama administration had really wanted to stand on principle they could have said “we do not join consensus on this document.” They could have demanded that there be a vote in the Council on the document before sending it to the General Assembly for formal approval, and then voted against it for the world to see. And most importantly, they could have made it very clear that the absence of a change would result in the U.S. departure from the Council.

They did none of the above.

Instead, Obama caved. Saving the Council was most important and the U.S. was going down with the ship. The “reform” process will now proceed merrily through the U.N. system without a glitch. The President of the General Assembly said this morning: “I congratulate the Working Group on adopting the Human Rights Council review by consensus.” The U.S. delegation was all present. Nobody peeped.

So to recap, the world’s worst tyrants, throat-cutters, stoners of women, and terrorist enablers in general like to get together in a cushy lounge that the U.N. provided for them in Geneva and condemn Israel for maintaining buffer zones, walls, and fences to keep people like them from blowing up their citizens.

That’s the agenda that just passed a five-year review without any substantive protest from the U.S., although our Secretary of State did take a courageous second or two to mention the HRC’s “bias” against Israel.

Something tells me that this didn’t inspire Reagan-style elation and hope within the dark filthy bowels of the political prisons maintained by Israel’s sanctimonious, strutting, martini-and-limousine judges.

The U.S. can’t be the beacon of hope to the world’s oppressed that we were under President Reagan when the current administration insists on coddling their U.N.-endorsed tormentors — even to the point of apologizing to the likes of North Korea and Iran for the Arizona immigration law and secret ballots in union elections.

In this variety of bizarre world, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Klu Klux Klan apologized to National Public Radio for being anti-Semitic.

Maybe we aren’t the policemen of the world. Maybe we can’t impose democracy and liberty on oppressed nations. Who knows, maybe we can’t do anything about tyranny — but for God’s sake, do we have to legitimize, nourish, and even venerate tyrants?

Clinton’s ingratiating Judas’ kiss for Israel, just before throwing them under the bus at the HRC last month, was an outrage. But the biggest outrage is that a Secretary of State of the United States was there at all.

We shouldn’t give that den of murderers the time of day.



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