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Wisconsin Legislature Does Its Job, Keith Olbermann Goes Insane

Posted on March 10 2011 10:19 am
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Cross-posted at The Right Sphere.

When the Wisconsin legislature finally did its job, Keith Olbermann slipped into a manic episode on his blog. Calling it “The Suicide of the Republican Party” he let loose with pompous hyperbole that would make the best propagandists blush. Let’s start from the beginning:

Still having never learned to be calm, retract their claws, and sit around and act rationally in a situation that calls for panic, Wisconsin’s Republicans and their Corporate Puppeteers tonight guaranteed themselves an unprecedented and disastrous recall next January.

What? Retract their claws and act rationally in a situation that calls for panic? What does that even mean? Anyway, Scott Walker JUST won the election this past November. Is he predicting that the people who voted him into office aren’t going to come back out for him? Walker can just run on this platform. I think it’s a winner. Let’s continue:

More over, they also guaranteed themselves that any cloak of stealth under which they have operated in their attacks on teachers, firefighters, policemen, unions, and the settled law of collective bargaining, has been stripped away. If you pass a supposedly urgent “budget repair” bill with key budget components cut from it, you forfeit the fiction that you are doing anything remedial, anything essential, anything except a naked power grab on behalf of corporations who will get the money stolen from organized labor – civic or private.

First, firefighters and policemen were exempted. Maybe that has changed, but I doubt it. Second, the attack is on teacher’s unions, not the teachers themselves. Even so, asking them to pay less than the national average for their pension and health care benefits in exchange for agreeing not to turn around a few years down the road and raid the treasury through collective bargaining isn’t an attack. It’s called “facing reality” or “the gravy train has to end.” Also, Keith, they wouldn’t have had to split the bill if the Democrats hadn’t skipped the State.

And further, when you accomplish all this by parliamentary trick – after your national party has spent two years and more decrying Congressional reconciliation – when you deny the minority the right to participate in the outcome whether by compromise or protest, you cut through the cacophony of political-speak in this country and you transmit your sneering indifference towards democracy to ordinary citizens who do not normally pay attention.

Hello? Parliamentary trick? Like denying quorum by leaving the State?

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