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The Two Faces of CNN – James O’Keefe Not Named Most Intriguing Person of the Day

Posted on March 10 2011 4:46 pm
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CNN Has Two Faces - and They're Both Ugly

Presenting two faces when you only have one is a difficult contortion, but standard fare at CNN.

Their first face, and truest, is the leftist one, displayed in abundance during their daily broadcasts.  The second is their fraudulent face, that of an unbiased provider of news.

The network’s leftist lean was readily apparent in their coverage of two recent events.  In the first one, Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker was prank called by a tool from the left posing as David Koch.  Here’s how CNN portrayed him:

“A blogger whose prank phone call landed a 20-minute conversation with the governor of Wisconsin is our ‘Most Intriguing Person of the Day.’ He is Ian Murphy, a political writer for the Murphy was able to reach and record the governor by claiming to be billionaire David Koch, a major funder of conservative causes. The conversation is posted at”

And here is how CNN presented James O’Keefe, for his brilliant undercover sting that rocked the world of NPR:

“The video was recorded by conservative activists who arranged the meeting by falsely claiming to be interested in making a big contribution to NPR, meaning they lied. But however unethical or sleazy the tactics may be there is no disputing what the NPR official said.”

Notice the not-so-subtle differences?

When it is someone on the left posing as someone he is not, CNN honors him as their “Most Intriguing Person of the Day.”  He has no political affiliation attached, there’s no mention of his being a liberal activist, but CNN is quick to note the fall guy of his prank is a conservative. He is identified as a writer, as if he’s a talent, not a hack.  He gets not one but two plugs for his website as CNN attempts to drive traffic there.

When it’s someone on the left being exposed it is quite a different story.  The person posing as someone else is clearly labeled as an activist and a conservative.  He is branded as false, a liar, unethical and sleazy.  The target of the sting is not identified as a liberal. There are no plugs for O’Keefe’s website, no mention of where viewers can go to see the tape.

Before the O’Keefe segment ended, CNN, the supposedly unbiased news source, made sure to hammer home their personal point of view, repeating their opinion that he is a liar, with questionable and unethical tactics.

At the end of the Murphy segment, CNN felt compelled to omit that their Person of the Day once penned a little piece entitled, “Fuck the Troops” in which he said of the brave men and women who risk their lives so he can enjoy the freedom to spew his hatred:

“So, 4,000 rubes are dead. Cry me the Tigris. Another 30,000 wounded. Boo-fucking-hoo.  They got what they asked for – and cool robotic limbs too.”


Murphy’s juvenile prank call accomplished nothing other than garnering five minutes of fame, and providing tee-hee’s and tingles for the left.  Cheap thrills for the low renters.

James O’Keefe changed the world.

O’Keefe is a champion of the American taxpayer, assisting in the defunding of the crooked community organizers of ACORN, and now, hopefully NPR. And for his public service CNN berates him.

The Society of Professional Journalists condemned Murphy for his prank call.

CNN?  They honor him as their Most Intriguing Person of the Day.

CNN, the Least Trusted name in News, knows nothing of professionalism or journalistic integrity, and as their ratings prove (even lower than MSNBC’S dismal numbers) the American people recognize them as worthless.


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