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NYC Socialists Plot to Protest David Horowitz’s Speech at Brooklyn College

Posted on March 10 2011 2:13 pm
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David Horowitz will be speaking tonight at Brooklyn College at 6 PM EST on the subject of “Islamist Agendas on American College Campuses.”

In response, the International Socialist Organization‘s NYC chapter posted this:

March 10

David Horowitz is NOT welcome here!

This is a CUNY/Community call for people to come out this Thursday night to Brooklyn College to protest against the racist pundit David Horowitz speaking on the Israel/Palestine Conflict. Horowitz is one of the leading neo-McCarthyites who has made a career out of targeting left-wing academics around the U.S., and he was responsible for the bigoted “Islamo-fascism Week” coming to various U.S. colleges. For anyone who’s heard his thoughts on the Israel/Palestine conflict, needless to say there will be lots of Arab-bashing and terrorist analogy-flinging. We say that we refuse to respect such hate speech!

Details: He’s speaking at Brooklyn College Library, Tanger Auditorium (1st floor) this Thursday. The lecture starts at 6pm. You need to rsvp to get inside at Join the protest both outside before the event and inside once it begins. Make sure to get there at around 5:30pm to make/hold posters and begin talking to attendees as they arrive.

It’s people like Horowitz who are seen as the major threats to CUNY educators like Frances Fox Piven and Kris Petersen-Overton (both of whom will be speaking at the Adjunct Project 3/14 event). No doubt Horowitz is coming to BC in connection to Kris’ reinstatement there… On Thursday, come join this protest and help raise the issue that “academic freedom” can’t be vaguely touted to support such Islamophobic hate speech that Horowitz will be presenting that night. Let’s bring out the community to show that we don’t support Horowitz speaking at one of our CUNY schools!

Thursday, March 10
5:30 pm
Brooklyn College Library, Tanger Auditorium (1st floor)

Meet outside library

“Racist pundit David Horowitz,” “one of the leading neo-McCarthyites,” “the bigoted ‘Islamo-fascism Week,'” “lots of Arab-bashing,” “hate speech,” “Islamophobic hate speech” — this is what the Left says about those who  fight for Arabs and Muslims to have the same human rights we have in America.

We encourage our New York City supporters to come to David’s speech tonight.

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