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Our Ruined Schools

Posted on March 8 2011 2:05 pm
David Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of NewsReal Blog and FrontPage Magazine. He is the President and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His most recent book is Reforming Our Universities
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I received the following email from a high school student today:

Hello, I am currently a highschool student in what could be considered one of the most liberal and politically correct enviornments possible. I’m a Senior, and that means nothing more then I’ve survived almost four years of indoctrination into becoming what my teachers call “citizens of the world.” One of the ideas liberals hold dear to themselves is the idea of being tolerant of other peoples viewpoints, however, when I went up to our activities director and asked to start a young republicans club, his response was “There’s not enough room to open more clubs.” Funny that they have a young democrats club however. Furthermore, another instance of pure thought control was their idea to ban the “R” word, in otherwords you aren’t allowed to say retard. However, numerous times and to numerous people I’ve mentioned that the word “retard” means only to slow something down, or the state of being slow. This can, yes, refer to people but I’ve countless times in essays written about retarding the rate of speed of a locomotive for economic efficiency, or retarding the speed of cars to prevent accidents in urban situations. On a daily basis I sit next to people in classes who tell me how much they hate fox news, which claims to be the most neutral news station, and I believe is. I ask them, “why do you hate fox news? Tell me one reason and support it with rational evidence.” The normal response I get is, “they lie.” I go on to ask, “okay, about what?” Then, the normal response is, “about everything.” I have never once gotten, in probally about 15 conversations, a good piece of evidence. Racially, if you even hint anything about a difference between any race you’re considered a Nazi. If you call someone black instead of African American, in their minds, you should be hung. One time, I recieved a great deal of discrimination against my self for a in-class discussion we had. The assignment was to rate on a scale of 1-10, importance of targets if you were to go to war with a country, the options were something along the lines of: civilian homes, civilian schools, factories producing war weapons with civilian workers etc… I answered 10 for everything because my reasoning was, “if you go to war with a country, you go to war with the entirety of the country as opposed to just the foot soldiers on the frontlines. What stopped the British from burning our homes and killing our civlians? What stopped the terrorists from attacking civilians and civillian buildings? What stopped the German U-Boats from sinking a ship with American civlians on it?” Granted, my response was controversial, especially to utopian-seeking liberals,  however I’m entitled to my opinion and certainly did not deserve the accusations of being a Nazi, even when I’m Jewish.

Most importantly, is my emphasis of this message on High Schools, before going to College. By the time kids get to college they’re already sucessfully (with a 95%+ sucess rate most likely) indoctrinated into the system. Brainwashed and filled to the top with propoganda, these kids believe the things their teachers say to the fullest and will stop at no cost to achieve their idea of a perfect world. I recall spending almost 2 months on slavery, with the emphasis being on how we need to alter our behavior today to repair what happened, around 135 years after the fact. I remember spending 2 months also on progressive movements in the early 20th century. Furthermore how could I forget the lectures where our teacher preached on and on about how much of a God she viewed FDR to be. At times I had half a mind to ask her what qualifications she has to express her viewpoints on his policies when she should be teaching us the bare facts, then letting the students derive opinions from them. Lastly, I have a friend who’s a sophomore in a poli-sci class. He came to me the other day telling me about how the teacher, for the entirety of the debate they held in class, wouldn’t allow the conservative side to speak and allowed the other end to barrage them with insults. These insults were no more then emotion, they had absolutely no facts to back their argument up (as was the assignment) and instead threw political intolerance in their face. Ironic though, as tolerance is closely held view of the liberal belief.


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