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Glenn Beck Rips Off Alex Jones, Who Also Invented the Internet

Posted on March 8 2011 2:00 pm

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There was a  piece last week in Rolling Stone entitled “Glenn Beck’s Shtick? Alex Jones Got There First” that perfectly illustrates three home truths:

  • People primarily motivated by self-promotion will get into bed with anybody.
  • Lefties obsessed with the destruction of a viscerally feared and hated enemy — and that’s all of them — are likewise not overly choosy.
  • These two groups tend to cohabit a lot.

In this particular instance, the menage a deux is between Alex Jones, amiably described as:

The godfather of the 9/11 Truth Movement, [and] the most popular chronicler of what he believes is a New World Order plot to enslave the global population … [until] recently … a lonely and little-known voice in the short wave and Internet radio wilderness.

and Alexander Zaitchik of Rolling Stone. Their shared goal is a take-down of Glenn Beck. Jones attempts to do this by proving, between spasms of sputtering envy, that Beck has stolen his ideas and adulterated the message. Zaitchik does so by lumping Beck together with a 9/11 Truther smart enough to work with video equipment and dumb enough to cooperate with Rolling Stone – whose general regard for him is such that they described him thus in a separate piece:

The most paranoid man in America is trying to overthrow the ‘global Stasi Borg state,’ one conspiracy theory at a time

In fairness to both gentlemen, their  case does seem airtight. Using seven — count ’em seven — examples provided by Jones, Zaitchik weaves a tale of industrial espionage not seen since Jonah Goldberg ripped off my original idea that communism and fascism are essentially the same.

But my woes are inconsequential when compared to Jones, who evidently holds copyrights on:

  • The notion that statism relies on manufactured crises and scapegoats.
  • The concept of, and the exact term “New World Order”.
  • The fact that historical socialists, crypto-socialists and progressives like George Bernard Shaw (and H.G. Wells and Margaret Sanger — not mentioned but just to throw a few more in) were thoroughly unpleasant people obsessed with the selective breeding, and efficient disposal, of humans.
  • The revelation that the Egyptian revolution might not be the Lexington and Concord moment the MSM was hoping for, and that outside interests would attempt to manipulate chaotic events to their own ends.
  • The idea that Google is cooperating with government agencies in ways unhealthy to the Republic.
  • The idea of the Google bomb.

In addition to suspiciously pursuing  some of the same story ideas  — also known in some circles as “seeing the nose on your face” — it emerges that Beck has interviewed some of the same guests on his show during which they talk more or less about the same things. As we all know, that’s a phenomenon unprecedented in modern news cycles.

Jones’ amplified list of grievances can be viewed below. You might want to grab a glass of water before you settle in.

In breaking news Jones was also the first person to discover blackboard chalk, but I digress.

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