Eldad Tzioni

No Appeasement: 11 Reasons Why Israeli Concessions Will Not Bring Peace

Posted on March 7 2011 6:00 am
Eldad Tzioni has blogged as The Elder of Ziyon since 2004.

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11. Hamas and the other terror groups

All of the negotiations that Israel has done has been with Fatah and associated groups. People are ignoring the small fact that Hamas controls Gaza, and it is not going to give that up any time soon. Hamas is implacably opposed to Israel’s existence and it explicitly plans to destroy Israel – not to mention all Jews, as its charter says.

Peace is not possible while Hamas is in power, by the group’s own definition. Israel cannot have a peace agreement with only half of the Palestinian Arabs. Judging from how Hamas killed hundreds of Fatah members back in 2006, without Fatah putting up a credible fight, there is no way to expect that the latter will defeat Hamas militarily.

So as long as Hamas is a major player in Palestinian politics, peace is simply impossible. No amount of wishful thinking can alter that inconvenient fact.

And even if Hamas would extend a temporary truce, all that means is that the other major terror groups – the Islamic Jihad, the DFLP, the PFLP, the various Salafist groups – would redouble their attempts to attack Israel and consider Hamas a traitor to the cause.

This is not hyperbole. Already today, Hamas is being bitterly criticized by the other terror groups for not being terrorist enough. Not only by the groups mentioned above, but by Fatah as well!

10. Palestinian Arabs freely elected a terror government

The one time that ordinary Palestinian Arabs had a chance to vote freely for any party, they chose the terrorists.

One could argue that this is an unfair characterization of the 2006 elections, because the Palestinian Arabs really voted against the corruption of Fatah more than the terrorism of Hamas. Yet even so…they knew what Hamas represented. Rather than choose, say, Salam Fayyad’s party, they still went for Hamas.

More importantly, in every poll where the so-called Palestinians are asked how they feel about specific terror attacks against civilians in Israel, they overwhelmingly support those attacks. They name schools, streets, parks and public squares after people whose only notable accomplishment is that they’re internationally known terrorists.

Even so-called “moderate” president Abbas has praised the architect of the Munich Olympic massacre. He has even gone out of his way to pay homage to Samir Kuntar, a man who murdered a little girl by bashing her skull.

How can anyone imagine that there could be peace between Israelis and those who openly support and celebrate those who murder Israelis?

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