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Dr. Death And Other Leftist Thugs Gear Up To Intimidate New Oversight Chairman

Posted on March 5 2011 10:20 am
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Why is it whenever Democrats come to power the new top investigator is hailed as a champion of truth, justice, and the American Way but when Republicans take the House the new chief investigator is always a corrupt, malicious scoundrel controlled by moneyed special interests?

Recently, according to Investor’s Business Daily, Democrats asked Averell “Ace” Smith, a “political operative known as Dr. Death to lead a character assassination operation against Darrell Issa,” and left-wing activists have created a website called Issa Exposed. It’s run by a liberal group in California called the Courage Campaign. Before House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has done much of anything the slander site has already accused him of major improprieties including conflicts of interest, corruption, and the usual sack of nonsense that gets thrown at any leading Republican considered to be effective.

Issa Exposed is already on Issa’s back for (quite properly) firing Kurt Bardella, his press secretary who reportedly shared emails with a New York Times reporter writing a book. The website whines about Issa’s approach to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA),  moans about the congressman’s successful business, and spews innuendo about what some company might want from him one day in the future.

Just wait till Issa Exposed actually discovers a legitimate issue!

This kind of verbal thuggishness has echoes of infamous ACORN founder Wade Rathke to it. Soon after it became clear following the election that Issa would become OGR chairman Rathke wrote a nutty blog post preemptively accusing Issa of McCarthyism. Rathke claimed

He’s coming for you, brothers and sisters, and he’s coming after your tax exempt status. […] And please forget the hopes and aspirations of low-and-moderate income people.  His comments that ACORN “went away and we’ll continue to make sure that there is no equivalent” speaks to an abuse of power certainly, but also a level of transparency on mission and motives that leaves little room for speculation about Issa and his agenda for witch hunting, McCarthy style investigations and hearings to come.

Oh brother.

That’s the radical left for you: they distract from their own behavior by accusing their critics of malice and of falling victim to mass hysteria. A good defense is a good offense, they must think.

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