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Salon Calls Tea Party Protest of Jew-Hating Group “Anti-Muslim Hate”

Posted on March 4 2011 12:30 pm
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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Other than Tim McVeigh, the man responsible for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and a few reactionaries who have killed abortionists, the Left is having a hard time finding actual terrorists from the right wing. They can’t even find organizations or individuals who endorse terrorism.

To discredit Conservatives, the Left is forced to resort to double standards in order to fake credibility where none exists. So it is with Justin Elliott’s coverage at Salon of a Tea Party protest against the Jew-hating Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Sarah Palin’s remarks regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on the speech rights of Westboro Baptist Church. Apparently, in Elliott’s world, groups professing that “God Hates Fags” deserve good, clean coverage of their right to free speech, but Tea Party groups’ passionately speaking out against a terror-supporting, anti-Semitic, Muslim Brotherhood front group is equivalent to “anti-Muslim hate.”

I would like to think that Justin Elliott simply did not do the research necessary on either the Tea Party group or ICNA in writing his report on their protest. In a follow-up article about the protest, which he participated in, Congressman Ed Royce explained what the purpose of the protest was. He included the very shocking, but true, information about the speakers at the ICNA event: Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Amir Abdel Malik Ali.

I’ve held hearings on “Islamist terrorism,” the threat the 9/11 Commission identified. And I’ve been criticized for doing so. The Obama Administration refers to the bland threat of “violent extremism.” For years, I’ve made the point that we can’t tackle a problem if we don’t even call it by its name. 9/11, Fort Hood, Times Square and on and on demand candor.

Yet the attacks our nation has suffered aren’t the biggest threat. In a way, they’re a tactic to keep our eye off the ball, which is the “soft jihad” that the speakers in Yorba Linda preach. That is, attacking the institutions that make the U.S. great and protect our liberties. It’s an attack on our culture, including our culture of tolerance.

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