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Women Under Sharia Law, Part 2: 1,400% Increase in ‘Honor Killings’ in Turkey

Posted on March 3 2011 10:00 am
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19 year old girl stabbed to death by brother in 'honor killing'.

If you Google News “sharia” right now you will find a lot of leftist and mainstream media writing about Tennessee being ignorant for considering anti-sharia laws.  However, if you change “sharia” to “honor killing” in your search you will quickly realize that as Sharia spreads, so do honor killings.  We’ve seen more cases in America lately, and there is a near genocide of women going on in Turkey involving honor killings in pro-sharia communities.

As Turkey tries to gain entry into the European Union, new stats reveal a frightening trend in the treatment of women in the Islamic majority nation.  From 2002-2009, which is the most recent data available, cases of women being murdered in Turkey has grown 1,400%.  There were 66 known cases in 2002 and 953 in 2009.  And the vast majority of these cases are related to Muslim men punishing their wives, daughters, or sisters for shaming their religion. Even worse, other research shows up to 40% of Turkish women have been abused physically or sexually.

Every day there are more horror stories, Hatice Firat is just one of the latest examples.  The 19 year old girl ran away from home with her boyfriend about a month ago.  Her family eventually located her and convinced her to come home.  Shortly after, Firat’s brother took her for a walk on the beach, and then he plunged a knife into his sister’s chest 40 times.  He was following the will of their family and what they believed was the will of Allah.

Firat’s family would not bury their daughter or go to the funeral.  Around fifty women paid for it and marched chanting for the end of such violence against women:

“We are not going to be anyone’s honor,” “End honor killings,” “Hands that hurt women should be broken.”

Stories like Firat’s are more than daily occurrences in Turkey,Pakistan, and many other parts of the Muslim world.  And recent cases in the United States show it is a growing problem here too.  But while women’s groups are becoming more outspoken in Turkey, feminist organizations are silent in America.  And to make matters worse, our media continues to argue there is nothing to fear with the spread of Sharia.

Europe is looking at Turkey and their own problems and our finally starting to see the dangers.  When will America do the same?  How many women will be abused or killed before we do?




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