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Code Pink Kooks Are Now Publicists For The Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood

Posted on March 3 2011 1:00 pm
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It never ends with ultraleftist anti-American pro-terrorist Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin. After soliciting funds from Americans to promote Islamofascism and expressing horror that anyone in the U.S. would dare to oppose turning Egypt into an Islamofascist state, now she’s doing public relations work for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Benjamin recently told an interviewer that she was delighted that the Muslim Brotherhood was making political inroads in Egypt. “I have faith in so many of the secular people who just came to [Tahrir] Square and said, “I’m not leaving here,” and for the first time made relationships with the Muslim Brotherhood people.” I’m no lawyer but isn’t it against U.S. law to do outreach work for terrorist groups? But I digress…

During a congressional hearing Benjamin live-tweeted indignantly as lawmakers accurately described the totalitarian thugs known as the Muslim Brotherhood. Here are some of those tweets:

“In congressional hearing on #Egypt/region. #Ros-Lethinan not even acknowledging #mubarak is toast. Focusing on boogeyman #muslim brotherhood”

“Dep. Sec. James Steinberg testifying. Asked how US will stop #muslim brotherhood. “We must make sure process is not hijacked by extremists.””

“I suppose #mubarak was not an extremist. “We have to flag potentially dangerous trends,”says Steinberg. Mubarak was not “flagged.””

“#Cong Ackerman wants #egyptian constituion to outlaw religious state, but is great supporter of Jewish Israeli state.”

“Cong #Ackerman harping on #muslim brotherhood. Says they’re a virus. Then calls them Jeffrey Dohmer. Says they will destroy Egyptian govt”

“#muslim brotherhood is #jeffrey dohmer, says cong ackerman!!!”

“can’t believe #ackerman likened #muslim brotherhood to serial killer and sex offender #jeffrey dahmer!!!”

You get the picture. The Muslim Brotherhood is a “boogeyman” that only paranoid kooks would fear, Benjamin is suggesting. Code Pink types said the same thing throughout the Cold War about the Soviet Union and Communism in an effort to undermine U.S. national security.

As I’ve written before, the Marxists of Code Pink don’t give a tinker’s cuss about democracy in Egypt or anywhere for that matter. They just hate America and want to do everything in their power to hurt their homeland. If that means linking arms with murderers like Osama bin Laden, they’ll do it.

There comes a time when political advocacy crosses the line and becomes unlawful support for terrorism. If Code Pink hasn’t crossed the line yet, its members will soon.

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