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7 Reasons Mexico is the Biggest Threat to American Security

Posted on March 3 2011 6:00 am
Rob Taylor has a Master of Arts degree from Wesleyan University. He blogs at Greenville Dragnet.

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6. Mexican Corruption is Creeping Across the Border into Our Law Enforcement Agencies

Mexican corruption is so pervasive and endemic in Mexico that it has now infected American law enforcement agencies. Nowhere is this more blatant than the Project Gunwalker scandal involving the BATF and an attempted cover-up by the Department of Justice. While this story was breaking on the blogs months ago, it is just making the news now that the leftist media can no longer protect their ideological brethren in government.

In an effort to “pad” out the numbers of American guns found in Mexico, the BATF was allowing “hundreds” of guns to be walked across the border to Mexico. Because the claim that most illegal Mexican guns are legally purchased American arms smuggled across the border in exchange for drugs and cash is demonstrably false, it is theorized that Obama administration officials enacted this illegal program to justify increasing calls for gun control from the American Left. Not only was the program a failure, but according to ATF whistleblowers, one gun was used in the slaying of Border Patrol officer Brian Terry.

In pursuit of a political agenda that only benefits the corrupt Mexican government our federal agencies armed the cartels with at least 2,500 American weapons that would have never been available to the gangs.

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