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“Utterly Inhuman”: Muslim Governor Orders Demolition of Christian Homes, Center for Handicapped Children

Posted on March 2 2011 1:45 pm
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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[…] Villagers said that the Governor asked the families to pay one million pounds as a voluntary contribution to the governorate in order not to pull down [ten newly built homes] and when they refused they were asked to donate one-fifth of the land to build a mosque near St. Demiana Church. The owners also denied his request as all inhabitants of the village are Copts and no Muslims live there. This prompted the governor to carry out the demolition of the homes on February 28 by the police and army forces.

What I am seeing in Egypt is the reality of Islamic supremacism. What is genuinely happening to the Coptic Christians in Egypt is what the Left wants us to believe is happening to “Palestinians” in Gaza. The Left has become the main cheerleading group for Islamist oppression around the world, with loud protesting against Israel while offering silence in the face of atrocities against Egyptian Christians. In fact, stories about the Copts in leftist media have tended toward being “hearts and rainbows” stories indicating that all is well with the Copts, the New York Times being chief among them.

Protesters in the square, meanwhile, sought to dispel the notion that their ostensibly secular, liberal movement might contain seeds of extremism. Coptic Christians held a Mass there while Muslims stood guard, repaying a favor that Christian protesters did for Muslims on Friday.

How sweet. Muslims standing guard while Coptic Christians have Mass? The situation in Egypt-at-large, however, is quite different.

This is the audacity of Islamists and the Left who have fabricated an “indigenous people” out of thin air, with false stories of oppression in order to paint Israel as an aggressor, while trampling all over the indigenous people of Egypt for no other reason than that they are Christian.

As Islamic supremacism continues to overwhelm democracy in the world, Jews and Christians may do well to commit to setting aside any differences and work together for genuine freedom. In America, clearly, President Obama‘s positions on these issues are exactly backward.


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