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Media Matters Swings At my FOX News Segment and Misses

Posted on February 28 2011 10:20 am
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Don Rumsfeld once said “If you aren’t being criticized, chances are you aren’t doing much.” So frankly, I’m flattered that Media Matters would take the time to criticize FOX News for having me on to discuss the U.S. response to the revolution in Libya. Click here to read their little critique of my appearance that doesn’t address a single point I made.

First, they insinuate some sort of deception took place when Fox didn’t give a full bio of me. This is petty, as every introduction of a guest is short and simple. And if Media Matters really cared, they could see my full bio here with the qualifications they implied don’t exist. In a bizarre turn, they suddenly start talking about my opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque, as if having an opinion different than their own on this issue wrecks my credibility or is somehow relevant.

Media Matters then moves to a book I had published in 2005 at age 19 and began writing when I was 16 about the war in Iraq and specifically, my research related to a fairly common theory that Iraqi WMD technology was transferred to Syria. The fact that they find this laughable exposes the condescension with which they look upon those they disagree with. This theory had many proponents and, as I’ve written, enough evidence exists to support it to warrant further consideration. I do not state flatly that this transfer happened because I haven’t had the time to go to Syria and start digging yet.

Apparently aware that their case is weak, Media Matters attacks the president of the Christian Action Network, Martin Mawyer, where I serve as National Security Advisor, for comments he made over a decade ago regarding homosexuality that he has since admitted regret over. I joined CAN after their campaign against gay marriage ended and have had no role in that issue. Mawyer has not expressed bigotry or hatred towards anyone to me at any moment, including homosexuals. My own personal views on the issue (which Media Matters conveniently leaves out) can be read here and here. I also publicly referred to anti-homosexual crusader Ryan Sorba as an “arrogant tool” here.

I fully support keeping a watchful eye on the news networks and shamelessly will admit to reading Media Matters fairly often. So to my dear friends over there, here’s a helpful suggestion: If you’re going to criticize a segment about Libya, you should probably talk about Libya.

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