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  Capturing the Culture: How “Modern Sex Week” Advances an Insidious Marxist Agenda

Posted on February 27 2011 4:00 pm
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Originally published on February 22, 2011.

Do you send your children to college to enter into the sex trade?

If you’re the parent of an Oregon State University student, that question isn’t as far-fetched as you think. Last week OSU sponsored “Modern Sex Week,” a campus event devoted to pornography, X-rated toys, and sexual how-tos.

Am I the only one who thinks 19-year-olds don’t need more sex education? I think most of them could teach the rest of us a thing or two in the boudoir. And even if their sexual education was lacking, is their science education that far advanced that they’re truly in need of “Modern Sex Week” awareness? Does the world need more sex experts? I didn’t realize there was a shortage. And why are college students learning how to participate in the sex trade? I am pretty sure you don’t even need a high school degree for that type of work.

Instead of churning out Pulitzer Prize winners and Nobel nominees, universities are sending our kids home from their $100,000 educations stuffed full of communist propaganda and lots of tolerance for things that you find intolerable. And as you’ll see, these absurd uses of educational dollars are all part of the Marxist blueprint to “capture the culture,” starting with impressionable college students.

But first, what is “Modern Sex”? Let’s find out shall we?

“Modern Sex Week” started out with a bang with “Anger and Female Sexual Pleasure” hosted by Veronica Monet (whose site is so vile my computer wouldn’t let me go there because it is deemed “dangerous.”) Being the fearless type, I Googled her and tried finding a way in that didn’t upset my security settings. (Isn’t it funny you can also catch a digital virus from Internet promiscuity? I think I just came up with a million dollar marketing idea for Norton Antivirus.) Monet is a “sex worker” and advertises her services online.

Veronica Monet takes pride in offering compassion, guidance and nurturing in the tradition of the ancient sacred temple prostitutes. Ms. Monet offers the benefits of education and experience tempered with intuition.

Monet is a graduate of OSU, if that gives you any indication of the level of education they offer. After learning about women and sexual anger, attendees could wander down to the seminar on the founding of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender) Center at OSU and all the “conflict” they’ve encountered. Nothing like tearing open old wounds to bring people together.

After the LGBT tour there was the keynote address that was supposed to feature Tristan Taormino, “feminist pornographer,” “sex educator,” and author of books such as The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women.  Taormino’s keynote speech was canceled, and the weird part is that it is assumed this had something to do with angry taxpayers objecting to a pornographer receiving $3,000 on their dime, but her replacement was another pornographer who sells sex toys for a living, Charlie Glickman.

In case you’re culturally ignorant, another offering was the “Culture of the Clit” which promises stimulating information.

Ever wondered why what’s ‘down there’ has such a great impact of life ‘out here’? Come explore the mysteries of the clitoris, as we reveal its hidden history and unveil its great mysteries. Learn how keeping women in the dark about their sexual power Keeps women from realizing their fullest potential both in and out of the bedroom.

Hosted by:
Jennifer and Rachel are current MPH students in Health Promotion at OSU. Both have extensive experience in sexual health education and are staunch feminist activists (that’s right, we use the f-word!).

Well, who did we expect to give that talk? Certainly not a Constitutionalist. How about sex toys? Do you know enough about them? If not, there was a session on The Curious Lives of Sex Toys!

Have you ever wondered about the curious lives of sex toys. How exactly does that rabbit vibrator even work? Come to this workshop to learn all about sex toys and discuss everything from history to sex toy health. Discover what pleases you!

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