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  Euro Leaders Finally Learning to Reject Islamist ‘Multiculturalism’

Posted on February 26 2011 7:30 pm
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This popular post was first published here on February 11, 2011.

For more than a decade Islamic immigrants have poured into welcoming parts of Western Europe.  Many of those open-armed nations have allowed and even promoted that Muslims be able to live the Islamic way without being truly merged into European society.  Some nations, most  notably the UK, have even allowed the spread of Sharia law in Muslim communities.

Well the times, they are a changing. Leaders of the UK, Germany, and France have all recently called for the end of full blown Islamic multiculturalism and a restored push for a national identity among all its citizens.

Yesterday, in France, President Nicolas Sarkozy shocked many in his own country when he declared that multiculturalism is dead in The French Republic.  Sarkozy made the surprising remarks on French television.

“Of course we must all respect differences, but we do not want… a society where communities coexist side by side…If you come to France, you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community, and if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France… We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him.” – Sarkozy

While France had already rejected some of Germany and the UK’s multicultural practices (no Muslim veils in public or headscarves in schools), Sarkozy had been known as someone open to multiculturalism before becoming President in 2007.  Now, he has made it clear that Muslims who move to France must pursue “a French Islam and not just an Islam in France.”  Such words did not sit well with Islamic groups, but Sarkozy was merely echoing recent statements heard in England and Germany.

Last week, the UK’s British Prime Minister David Cameron told the annual Munich Security Conference that European nations have been too lenient on allowing anti-western view to spread unhindered in Islamic immigrant circles.

“We won’t defeat terrorism simply by the actions we take outside our borders. Europe needs to wake up to what is happening in our own countries…We have even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run counter to our values.  We have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream…We’ve been too cautious, frankly even fearful, to stand up to them.” – Cameron

The United Kingdom, in recent years, had opened their doors to all types of pro-Sharia initiatives.  Our friends across the pond have often been seen as a possible future for America when it comes to the spread of Sharia.  (For a recent example see this NRB blog).  The UK has a population of Muslims where Sharia is demanded and even 1 in 3 UK college Muslims think killing for Islam is okay.  It is clear now that the British Prime minister knows their policies have failed.

“If we are to defeat this threat, I believe it’s time to turn the page on the failed policies of the past.  Instead of ignoring this extremist ideology, we as governments and societies have got to confront it, in all its forms.” – Cameron

That speech was given in Germany and one of those applauding in the audience was German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Merkel herself had only last October made similar comments about the dangers of multiculturalism mixed with Islamists.  She spoke in Potsdam, Germany where the crowd cheered her words of warning.

“(In) the beginning of the 1960s our country called the foreign workers to come to Germany and now they live in our country. We kidded ourselves a while. We said: ‘They won’t stay, [after some time] they will be gone,’ but this isn’t reality. And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side by side and to enjoy each other … has failed, utterly failed.” – Merkel

Merkel, who surprised few with her call for cultural integration, has now surprisingly become a model for Cameron and Sarkozy.  The three pillars of Western Europe are now all on the same page when it comes to understanding the dangers of mixing multiculturalism and Islamists.  But will America listen?

America has been pushing multiculturalism for over 30 years now.  And now that Sharia law is being promoted in the U.S., what will we do?  That question rocked the nation with last year’s battle over the World Trade Center mosque, but the country never gave a final answer.  Hopefully we will one day learn follow the example of our friends in Europe have now set.

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