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Cheering on the Islamofascists: Inside the Mind of a Code Pinko

Posted on February 25 2011 4:30 pm
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Here’s an interesting interview the hyper-extreme left-wing Institute for Policy Studies did with trust fund brat Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin. As I previously blogged, Benjamin had recently been over in Egypt attempting to stir up trouble. Code Pink has a long history of working with Egypt’s enemies (and America’s enemies too).

When asked what role the U.S. should take on now in Egypt, Benjamin expressed horror that anyone stateside would dare to oppose the transmogrification of Egypt into an Iranian-style Islamic fundamentalist state.

We want to stop our government from meddling in the internal affairs. I know that there are people in government and particularly in Congress who want the United States to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining a significant role in the new government. I was in the congressional hearings last week and I was appalled to hear congresspeople grilling the administration about their plans to make sure the Muslim Brotherhood does not come to power.

The nerve of those naughty congresspeople! And how dare American policy makers look out for the interests of America. Shame on them! Benjamin said:

We will also play close attention to the policies of our government, particularly the ways that Congress will be trying to stop democracy movements in the Arab world. There are Republicans and Democrats who are more concerned about their misguided notions of U.S. national interest and the interest of Israel than they are about the interest of the people themselves in the Arab world.

To boot, Benjamin was amazed at how friendly Egyptians were to her, an American, despite her long-running efforts to destabilize the region, vaporize Israel, and turn Egypt into an Islamofascist hellhole in which people like her would be first in line at the revolutionary gallows.

There was resentment toward the U.S. government for having propped up Mubarak for 30 years and for supplying the tear gas, rubber bullets, and other material that was used to repress the protestors. But that didn’t translate into opposition to us as individual Americans. There was also general unhappiness that Obama hadn’t done more to support the democracy movement once he got into power and how he was very slow to support the protestors once the movement started.

Of course the Marxists of Code Pink don’t give a tinker’s cuss about democracy in Egypt. They just hate America and want to do everything in their power to hurt their homeland. If that means linking arms with murderers like Osama bin Laden, they’ll do it. (For more on this topic, read David Horowitz’s Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left.)

A note: I know so many of you faithful NewsReal readers already know this stuff about Benjamin and her gang of merry mischief-makers, but every once in a while it’s good to be reminded of what these people are about — especially when they’re playing with people’s lives and liberties.

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