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AZ Muslim Dad Found Guilty of Honor Killing Daughter and MSM is Quiet

Posted on February 25 2011 4:00 pm
Paul Cooper is a husband and father above all else. With a wife and 2 daughters he could use a dog, but sadly he only owns a cat – a female cat no less. Paul is also a pastor, blogger, and business owner. Find him on Twitter.
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I am a dad of two daughters. I would die for them. I would harm others who tried to hurt them.

I would never consider killing my girls for any reason. The same can not be said for an Arizona Muslim named Faleh Almaleki. The Iraqi native came from a land of Sharia and brought his perverted sense of justice with him. Now he will be facing American justice, but Almaleki’s story will not be facing major media coverage.

Those who care about the spread of radical Islam have paid attention to the sad events in Arizona. Our own Jamie Glazov covered the story well last month. In October of 2009 Faleh Almaleki ran over his teenage daughter with his SUV because she was being too western.  He wanted his daughter Noor to marry an Iraqi man. He murdered his daughter, fled, was caught, has been tried, and has now been convicted of second degree murder.

Have you noticed this case on television much?  Nope.  It has largely been ignored by the mainstream media. Glazov called it their “shameful silence.”  Those covering the sick father’s conviction have buried the story and kept their comments short and scrubbed of religious references.  Below is an example from the Associated Press.

Again, the media has either completely ignored this story, or only gave it a brief mention. Many who did give this case a glance, were somehow able to avoid using words like “Muslim,” “Sharia” or “Islam.”  I’m not quite sure how you report on a Sharia-style honor killing without bringing up those words even once.  Look at how one of the ‘journalists’ from Huffington Post described honor killings:

His crime has been characterized by local police as an honor killing — the murder of a woman for “shaming” her family. The chilling practice has deep roots in some tribal traditions of the Middle East and South Asia. – Abigail Pesta, Huffington Post

So, honor killings have no connection to Islam or Sharia? Right. It’s just a tribal thing with no connection whatsoever. Nice try HP.  MSNBC fares no better. They also refuse to use any of those pesky words like “Muslim” or “Sharia.”  In fact they only mentioned that the prosecutors claimed this was an “honor killing.”

Similar coverage is found with NPR, USA Today, the Washington Post, and BBC News. CNN barely gave the story a few paragraphs and buried it in the “justice” section of their website.  They didn’t use any of those Muslim buzz words we’ve mentioned either. And CBS gave the story the same treatment and manages to end their story with:

Noor Almaleki’s story set off a firestorm of “honor killing” outrage at the time and raised awareness of the rare practice within the United States. – CBS

So CBS believes the story has nothing to do with Islam, and people shouldn’t be outraged since this never happens. Of course they fail to mention that another Muslim man was convicted just this month in New York for killing his children.

The only MSM media I could find that at least referenced Islam or the dad being Muslim were a Reuters report which didn’t say much and then only two others who did a good job. ABC News, surprisingly, was one of the them who not only mentioned Islam but talked about how the Muslim man’s religious beliefs may have led to his disturbing actions. They gave the story two pages and a news video report to the story. The New York Daily News, not as surprisingly, also did solid work on the story.

I have yet to see the story even acknowledged by the New York Times, Time, Newsweek, and most of the major Leftist blogs like Alternet and Mother Jones.  Their silence is indeed shameful.

Cases like the one in Arizona need to get major coverage by our media outlets.  People need to know that with the spread of Sharia comes the abuse and even killings of Muslim women.  Moreover, our mainstream media must not ignore the links honor killings have with Islam.  Obviously most Muslims do not commit honor killings.  Does our media feel Americans are too ignorant to get that?

Every article that made no mention of Islam in this story merely proved the author was not a journalist.  We at NewsReal are dedicated to continue covering these stories that others are purposefully ignoring.

You need to know the truth.

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