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The Beginning of the End for the Butcher Khadafy?

Posted on February 24 2011 7:00 pm
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There seems to be some confusion over the spelling of the Libyan dictator’s name:

Gadhafi? Gaddafi? Khaddafy? Kaddafi? Qaddafi?

Allow me to be of assistance.  It’s M-u-r-d-e-r-e-r.

And his first name isn’t Moammar, Muammar or Moamar.  It’s M-a-s-s.

Further evidence has surfaced that Khadafy ordered the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, meaning he is personally responsible for the deaths of 270 people, 189 of them Americans coming home to celebrate the Christmas Holidays with family and friends.

Statements like the above are far too often glossed over as we move on to the next sentence, but think about it for a moment, contemplate what happened, what this mob of Muslim terrorist monsters did.

Two hundred and seventy people were either incinerated, obliterated, crushed or vaporized. Their deaths were not instantaneous or simultaneous.  Some died at the time of the explosion, and as deplorable and implausible as it sounds they were the lucky ones.  The remaining passengers and crew died in stages, some on the way down, some not until impact almost two minutes later.

Imagine the horror of those final two minutes: the inescapable reality that confronted them, the immeasurable fear that gripped them, the extreme helplessness that overwhelmed them, the painful thoughts of loved ones lost forever before final impact ripped them apart so badly that to this day SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY BAGS OF HUMAN REMAINS ARE YET TO BE IDENTIFIED.

Two minutes that no doubt seemed to be so, so much longer.

And the filthy animal responsible?  Khadafy.

Abdelbesset al Megrahi, former head of security for Libyan Airlines, was convicted of the crime, sentenced to life in prison and then released last year for fraudulent humanitarian reasons. This week, Libyan Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel-Jalil admitted Kaddafi ordered the Lockerbie bombing.  Abdel-Jalil told a correspondent from the Swedish Expressen that he has “proof that Qaddafi gave the order about Lockerbie.”

This must come as a tremendous disappointment to Daily Kosmonut bloggerboy Clay Clayborne, who just a few weeks ago wrote about the Libyan frame up:

“This whole propaganda campaign is based on the solid assumption that Megrahi is definitely the Lockerbie Bomber. This is a very shaky assumption. All the best available evidence points to his innocence. He was the victim of a frame up.”

Likewise for The Nation’s Alexander Cockburn, who presented the same “Libya was framed” line in his column entitled “How Megrahi and Libya were Framed for Lockerbie.”

A spot check of both sites shows no mention of the latest revelation about the incident. What a surprise. The defense of Libya is a little quieter these days, what with Khadafy sending out goon squads to strafe his people with gunfire, eh?

Why is it that the left is always quick to make excuses for terrorists, and quicker still to hate and denigrate the United States? Easy – it’s the same reason they are incapable of learning from all the lessons of history and math that prove beyond a doubt their social and economic policies don’t work – because they are fundamentally defective human beings.

Though the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 is probably Khadafy’s most well known act of terrorism, it is far from his only one.  In 1986 he was accused of using mustard gas and napalm in his war against neighboring Chad.  Even more telling is he used the chemical weapons while his armies were in retreat.  He lost the war, but sought to do as much damage as possible on the way out.

That is a frightening prospect when taken in context with what is going on in Libya this week.

Faced with the same type of insurgence we saw in Egypt, Khadafy has chosen to stay and fight rather than step down like Hosni Mubarek:

“I am a fighter, a revolutionary from tents.  I will die as a martyr at the end,” he said, vowing to fight “to my last drop of blood.”

Khadafy’s idea of being a fighter is to remain safe inside walls, protected by his guard, while mercenary goons do his dirty work, firing on his fellow countrymen. Anyone familiar with the Libyan leader’s murderous history is not surprised at this latest atrocity.

He envisions himself a martyr.  Martyrdom is not self-bestowed, it is an honor given by those left behind.  Khadafy will not be remembered as a martyr, but as a murderer, a small fraction of a man who but for the grace of God had not the power and position to cause destruction on a global basis or he would have done so, gladly, proudly, without hesitation or remorse.  Being a sociopath of the first order he could take no other course.

The most apt description of the soon-to-be-deposed Libyan despot comes from Jaafar Nimieri, former president of Sudan, who said:

“Gaddafi has a split personality…both evil.”

Anyone who doubts this need only be reminded of this Khadafy quote from 1986: “American soldiers must be turned into lambs, and eating them is tolerated.”

An Arab ruler as Hannibal Lecter, and the United Nations gives him a seat on the Human Rights Council. Lovely.

The self-proclaimed King of Kings time is nigh.  When it comes, it comes not soon enough. And on that day none shall sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings.

Some will rejoice, some will sleep easier. For the friends and family of flight 103, hopefully a small measure of closure.

One less murderous tyrant in the world today.

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