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Obama Still Silent on Libyan Massacres While the Mainstream Media Provides Him With Excuses

Posted on February 23 2011 4:00 pm
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Last night the United Nations Security Council took up the issue of the massacre of Libyan citizens by the desperate dictator trying to cling to power: Muammar  Gaddafi, Qaddafi,  Kadafi or however one spells his name. Protesters are being shot at from military helicopters and fighter jets on orders by this blight upon the world, who has spent a lifetime supporting terrorism or giving the orders for civilian murders himself. According to reports, over 1,000 people have been killed by the despot over the past few days.

The end result of the Security Council deliberations was a press statement condemning the regime’s violence against civilians, the weakest option available to it (short of saying nothing.)  A “press statement,” which does not enter the council’s record but must be approved by all members, is the weakest action the U.N. Security Council can take. A stronger option is a “presidential statement,” which does become part of the council’s record and is signed by the council’s president.  And the strongest action (what the group tried to pass against Israel last week) is the  resolution, which can either be non-binding or legally binding.

But members of the Security Council, bent on fooling themselves, called their “Press Statement”  action a strong response to the crisis.

Brazilian ambassador Maria Luiza Viotti, who chairs the 15-member council this month, read the statement followiong hours of closed-door consultations, calling it “a strong message.”

British ambassador Mark Lyall Grant described it as “extremely strong,” and U.S. deputy ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo said the international community had condemned the violence “in one clear and unified voice.”

“We hope today’s Security Council action will help bring an immediate end to this unacceptable situation,” DiCarlo added.

Holy Cow.  Just a few short days ago this same group was ready to issue the harshest possible message to Israel for allowing Jews to live in Judea and Samaria, but they offer the most tepid response possible to someone who ruthlessly killed 1,000 people in less than a week.

As disgusting as the Security Council’s action is, it still beats the heck out of what President Obama has done — which is absolutely nothing.  A strange reaction when you consider that he was issuing almost daily statements telling US Ally Egypt’s President Mubarak to get out, and last Friday he would have voted for a UN security council resolution condemning another ally — Israel — if the word “illegal” was changed to “illegitimate.”

Qaddafi, who has never been considered a strong US ally and indeed at times has been considered an enemy, has gotten a free pass by the POTUS.  Even worse, the leftist media, who should be pointing out the Presidential inconsistency is making lame excuses to give Obama cover.

For example, the Washington Post claims the reason Obama is silent about Libya while he was all over Egypt is because we had a good relationship with Egypt and thus we had “leverage,” against our ally:

But current and former officials said that American appeals are likely to have little effect on Gaddafi, a mercurial autocrat who for decades was regarded as a nemesis of U.S. presidents.

Although the United States has been able to leverage its deep ties with Egypt’s armed forces, it has no significant military-to-military relationship with Libya. It also has little economic leverage: For the past fiscal year, U.S. aid to Libya has been less than $1 million, and most of that has gone toward helping the country’s disarmament program.

While WAPO is correct that we do not have leverage with this despotic regime, it does not mean Obama shouldn’t make a statement.  This is the United States, leader of the free world, our President has a moral obligation to clearly and publicly show his outrage.

Politico has come up with a list of four excuses for the President, the silliest of which is called Revolution Fatigue.

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