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In Defence of my Teachers in Wisconsen

Posted on February 21 2011 3:00 pm
Fingers Malloy hosts The Snark Factor radio program on FTR Radio. Check out his website at
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I have been following the developements in Madison over the past few days with dismay. I am very upset about the pure hate many consevatives have been spewing towards Wisconsen teachers protesting Governor Walkers union busting tactics. I take this personally because I am part of the Madison Wisconsen Sweet Valley High School graduating class of 1990.

I got a qualitie education in Madisen. The teachers were top notch. They cared about me 1st and there well being second. When my teacher called in sick I was pretty sure it was because she was sick. Almost all my teachers never carried a flask. And those that did told me that they had filled it with Yoo-Hoo.

As you know, certain moments you share with teachers in high school you remember for the wrest of you’re life. I remember my 9th grade history teacher, Mrs. Fauxcher. After about a month of  hearing how America was discovered and eventually colonized by white devils, I had a question about Christopher Columbus.

Mrs. Fauxcher told me to grab a cucumber like my other classmates so she could show me how to properlie put on a condom. At the time I thought it was stupid, since all Madisen public school students learn how to put on a condom in the 2nd grade. But she was right about columbus and condoms. That allways stuck with me.

Fast forward 20 years later and Governer Walker is throwing around all sorts or ridiculous demands. He wants teachers to pay 6% of they’re pay towards there pensions and pay 12% of they’re health care benefits. Follow me on this because I know that numbers are confusing. That’s allmost 32% of they’re income. Why does Walker hate teachers. Is it because he only wants rich people to have money.

I will stay silent know more. I want my fellow Madisen Sweet Valley High alums to speak out to. I am specifically urging  Dustin Diamond, Linda Lavin, Dana Plato, Snooki and Kathy Griffin to come out against Walkers attack on unions and public schools.

A public school education got me ware I am today. So I thank you Madisen teachers. God bless you all!

*Relax, this is satire people…

Fingers hosts The Snark Factor Radio Program on FTR Radio. His website can be found at Follow Fingers on Twitter here.

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