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Top 9 CPAC Moments You Might Have Missed

Posted on February 20 2011 7:30 pm
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4. Regis Giles of “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns”

It’s easy to become concerned and depressed about the state of today’s youth, unless of course you happen to know a few of the outstanding conservative teens coming into the movement. Regis Giles, sister of Hannah Giles of ACORN fame, and daughter of conservative pastor, author and artist Doug Giles, launched her new company at CPAC at the tender age of 19.

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns is an action campaign to educate young women on self-defense and encourage them to partake of their Second Amendment rights. I had the pleasure of meeting this remarkable young woman when she was only fourteen and she was as well-spoken and motivated then as she is now. Her father treats his daughters like…well, boys! (That would make the gender-neutral Left proud, you would think.) He took them hunting and fishing with him from a very young age and enrolled them in Jiu-Jitsu classes with the famous Gracie brothers. But on top of the rowdy stuff, him and his wife made sure their girls knew how to be ladies too. As a result, both of his girls are forces to be reckoned with (which ACORN could attest to.) Regis is a huntress and conservationist of the highest level, hunting Alaskan bear successfully over unbelievably rough terrain and more recently taking a 200 pound boar in a spear hunt. That’s right…she speared a boar. I’ve seen the photos on Facebook and they’re awesome. (If you want to know how the Giles family raised warrior girls, buy Doug’s new book “Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls” coming out in time for Father’s Day gifts!)

Not only is Regis feared by wild game of all kinds (and handsy teenage boys) but she has been offered her own wildlife show on The Pursuit Channel called “Primal Urge.” In her speech below, Regis details her goals for young women. Much like Regis, I also would like to see more headlines that say, “Girl Kills Attacker With Gun,” instead of “Girl Found Dead In Ditch.” This is a women’s issue that cannot be ignored. Women are being raped and attacked daily and the leftist women’s movement can’t decide if they think we should “passively resist” or “actively resist” (neither of which ends with a dead attacker.) It’s time for a new women’s movement that actually cares about stopping rape instead of teaching women how to “survive” it. Regis would rather that rapists are the ones concerned with surviving.

Regis Giles is one of many conservative teens who are going to lead the movement into the future and I feel a little safer knowing she’s on my side.

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