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MSNBC – The Manson of Cable News, Shamelessly Instigating Race Wars Since 2008

Posted on February 18 2011 10:00 am
Sonny Palermo has scribbled columns for Winners Edge, Ring Sports and other magazines, and websites such as The Daily Caller, American Thinker,BlogsLucianneLoves and He has done regular guest appearances on FOX Sports radio in Vegas and nationally on SIRIUS.
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Helter Skelter: It’s Not Coming Down Fast Enough for Race Baiting MSNBC

It’s clear to see from the daily parade of left-wing loon guests brought in from Media Matters,, Daily Kos, Salon, etc., that the “S” in MSNBC stands for Soros.

Does the “M” stand for Manson?

It might seem like hyperbole to point out the similarity between the network’s collective hosts and Charles Manson, but entirely justified if you look at the facts:

Both are pathological liars.

Both believe that they are smarter than everyone else in the room.

Both seek to manipulate others.

And then there’s the whole insanity thing.

But the most deeply disturbing similarity between the two is their desire to instigate race wars.

On his February 9th broadcast, Bill O’Reilly referred to Obama and his phrase, “strain of anti-Americanism in it,” calling the language MSNBC-like. Lawrence O’Donnell misinterpreted this as O’Reilly calling MSNBC anti-American, so he scowled at the camera, doing his best to look like someone who should be taken seriously, and threw down the gauntlet to offer this challenge:

I have a homework assignment for your underworked staff.  Put them to work trying to find out what this network has done that is anti-American. Take as long as you want. FIND IT!”

Piece of cake. E Pluribus Unum:

Last year, the Town Hall meetings were reaching fever pitch due to anger over unemployment and Obamacare. The nation was a powder keg ready to explode.  What did the favored network of the peace loving Leftists do to calm the masses and lower the threat level? They cropped out the head and hands of a black man holding a rifle, postulated him as white, and maliciously used the doctored photo to fabricate racism.


The simple and ugly truth is they did it to incite race-based hatred between the two political parties. In this post-Journolisto world in which integrity in the media is near obsolete, MSNBC sank to the lowest depth of ideologically-based depravity ever witnessed.

That they sought to light the fuse and escalate violence by dividing the citizenry was anti-American. That they chose to use racism as the match was anti-American and despicable.

The doctored photo incident took place in August of 2009, but the “Lean Left” network’s shameful and malicious attempt to deviously manufacture racism continues unhindered. On Tuesday night, Larry The Cable News Guy was at it again, crying racist while pointing to a political caricature that exaggerated the size of Obama’s ears, ignoring the fact that that’s what caricatures do – they exaggerate our features. But that’s what MSNBC does – they exaggerate racism, their stories cut out of whole cloth.

What makes MNSBC truly vile is their decision to ignore actual racism in favor of their artificial brand, as expertly detailed by Dana Loesch in “Progressives See Racism Where It Isn’t, Ignore It Where It Exists.”

The by-product of Charles Manson’s insanity was his belief that he could manufacture a race war he called “Helter Skelter.” MSNBC’s programming choices seem designed to do the same.

Do not miss the hypocrisy so readily evident here. MSNBC, the head cheerleader for the segment of the mainstream media who decry the possibility of violence due to what they perceive as hateful speech from the Right, purposely instigating racial hatred, callously unconcerned about the ramifications of their own incendiary rhetoric.

MSNBC, Progressives at play, toeing the Alinsky line, divide and conquer.

MSNBC, the segregationists of our time, seeking to drive a wedge between white and black.

Draw your own opinion as to their purpose, but that they do so is fact . . .

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