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Suhail Kahn Led CPAC Panel Sympathetic to Nation of Islam and La Raza

Posted on February 17 2011 12:06 pm
Walter Hudson is a political commentator and co-founder of Minnesota's North Star Tea Party Patriots, a statewide educational organization. He runs a blog entitled Fightin Words. He also contributes to True North, a hub of Minnesotan conservative commentary. Follow his work via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
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The Nation’s Sarah Posner authored a shameless ad hominem attack on Frank Gaffney and David Horowitz on Tuesday. The piece titled “Religious War Comes to CPAC” makes no pretense of addressing any factual claim made by either man in the ongoing case against American Conservative Union board member, and jihadist sympathizer, Suhail Khan. Instead, it relies upon name-calling and disparaging comparisons to convince readers that they ought not consider Gaffney and Horowitz’s arguments, lest they too be smeared.

Of course, Posner has a troubling association of her own. She serves as associate editor for the online publication Religious Dispatches, a plainly radical inter-faith organ preaching an intolerant universalist narrative. Religious Dispatches has an ambiguously stated mission which translates to cherry-picking through theology to concoct support for leftist ideology.

The goal of RD is to inform public debate by analyzing and critically engaging the role of religion and values on the most vital issues of our time. This will involve bringing a wider spectrum of perspectives into the conversation, especially voices that have been marginalized in most media, and increasing attention to progressive expressions of religion and values.

Inclined toward such a mission, Posner is predisposed toward ignoring any facts which undermine it. Suhail Khan, whom Gaffney has exposed as a jihadist symphaizer, and whom David Horowitz further exposed during his speech at CPAC, is a poster child for everything Religious Dispatches hopes to accomplish. As a devout Muslim seeking to dilute the conservative movement with radical voices, Khan serves the so-called “progressive” agenda.

This role was further evidenced in footage obtained by Pajamas Media on Tuesday.

During the CPAC conference last weekend, PJTV published exclusive video of American Conservative Union board member Suhail Khan making the bizarre claim that “there is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.” But that exclusive PJTV video clip, which has now received widespread coverage, was part of a larger exchange during the Suhail Khan-led CPAC panel on Saturday where panelists CJ Jordan of the National Black Republican Leadership Council and another panelist were recommending that conservatives must bring two racist organizations into the GOP “big tent” — Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and La Raza…

Indeed, the video shows Jordan advocating for conservative outreach to the Nation of Islam based on their “entrepreneurship.” Another panelists calls for outreach to La Raza and similar groups, arguing “we have to go behind enemy lines” to make the conservative argument.

Is entrepreneurship the defining characteristic of conservatism? George Soros runs a business. So does Al Gore. Conservatism means a tad bit more than the willingness to make a buck.

It is true that conservatives must take their message outside the proverbial echochamber and engage urban communities, college campuses, and other sectors of the electorate which tend leftward. However, there is some distance between reaching out to Democratic or independent voters and reaching out to organizations which advocate racial supremacy and segregation.

Yet, Suhail Khan is right there with his fellow panelists. Given the opportunity to distance himself from their provocative statements, he instead dismisses concerns and strongarms the conversation back toward “spreading the conservative message to more Americans.”

This so-called spreading of the conservative message is code language for including individuals and groups espousing ideologies which are, as the questioner in the video asserts, “antithetical to everything the Constitution stands for.” La Raza is an explicitly racist organization. The Nation of Islam seeks racial segregation. These ideas have no place in the conservative movement. They ought to have no place anywhere. Yet Kahn stands more amicable to them than to noted conservative icons like Horowitz and Gaffney.

If racism and bigotry is truly so abhorrent to Posner, Khan, and their respective cohorts, where are their voices raised in condemnation of these overtly racist organizations? The answer is nowhere, because what they find truly abhorrent is not racism or bigotry, but anyone who stands in the way of their subversive political agenda.

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