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Top 7 Scumbags Who Stole Taxpayer Money

Posted on February 15 2011 2:00 pm
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5. Chris Dodd

Perhaps most famous for his half of the “waitress sandwich,” Chris Dodd was the first on the list of the most donations by Fannie and Freddie to his campaign at $165,000. At the same time, he was the chairman of the banking committee in congress where all the decisions were being made about regulation and oversight of the banking and mortgage industry! Not only is this a huge conflict of interest, but Dodd was also a “Friend of Angelo” and was receiving special deals from Countrywide Financial on his personal mortgages. Angelo Mozilo was the Chief Executive of Countrywide Financial who kept a list of prominent politicians and other influential people who were put on a preferred list of clients. It meant they were able to secure mortgages with Countrywide without paying points, fees or adhering to borrowing rules. How is it that Dodd, who clearly was profiting from not regulating the financial industry (or doing his job), isn’t sitting in jail right now?

Somehow, even though Dodd was in the middle of getting a sweet Countrywide F.O.A. deal when the market collapsed, no one really seemed to care. He even had the nerve to announce loudly that the Bush administration was absent on the mortgage crisis. The guy has stones, I’ll give him that.

“I have a lot of questions about where was the administration over the last eight years.”

$20 million a year and a get out of jail free card…

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