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Dead in Agra: The Muslim and Hindu Romeo and Juliet

Posted on February 15 2011 9:00 am
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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Agra, India is home to one of the most famous monuments to love in the world — the Taj Mahal. In Agra, on the Feast of St. Valentine’s Day, came the sad news that a young “Romeo,” a Hindu man named Sonu, took his own life after learning that his “Juliet,” a Muslim woman named Fauzia, had been murdered in an “honor killing” by her family for the “crime” of being in love with him.

Thousands of Muslim women fall victim to “honor killing” each year. Perhaps most disturbing of all is that one can find defense of “honor killing” even within the pages of the New York Times. Has our “tolerance” for Islam become so all-consuming that we will even embrace the murder of young women who have fallen in love with the “wrong” men?

Romeo and Juliet were the main characters in a play by the same name written by the famous playwright William Shakespeare. Being members of rival families, their love for each other was a “forbidden love”. As part of a plan to be with Romeo, Juliet fakes her own death using a potion. Romeo finds Juliet’s lifeless body and, believing her to actually be dead, is stricken with grief. Unable to bear the thought of being without Juliet, Romeo takes his own life with a dagger. When Juliet awakens and finds Romeo dead, she uses the dagger to take her own life. So tragically ends the play Romeo and Juliet.

Fauzia and Sonu, too, experienced forbidden love. The families of both were opposed to their relationship. When Fauzia died, her family claimed that she had committed suicide and buried her quickly. Sonu, unable to bear life without her, took his own life in the marketplace. Sonu’s sister reported to the authorities that Fauzia had been killed by her family in an “honor killing“. After exhuming Fauzia’s body, the police found that the cause of death was, indeed, strangulation.

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