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Top 9 Reasons California Sucks

Posted on February 14 2011 2:40 pm
Diane Schrader, a former television news writer/producer, lives with her family in Los Angeles. She likes a nice cup of tea. Follow her on Twitter.

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Who paid for this guide for illegals, anyway?

3. Illegals are ruining the state

Like every state which shares a border with Mexico, California is being overrun with illegals. Unlike every state which shares a border with Mexico, we welcome them with open arms. In fact, we pass out a pamphlet, in San Diego schools, showing (illegal) kids how to evade the immigration cops (they are, after all, the bad guys). This also has the added benefit of teaching all the children, including the American ones, that it’s okay to try to circumvent laws that are capital B Bad (like immigration laws, of course!).

California carries a vastly disproportionate share of the nation’s welfare recipients. There are a number of dysfunctional reasons for this, but the fact that we encourage illegals to park it here clearly isn’t helping.

Just for fun, let’s inject, right here, a note of sanity. Here’s a look at how a state full of sane people handles the problem of illegal aliens: They deport them, solve their prison overcrowding issue, and save millions of dollars.

And to think our Hollywood people regularly mock the folks from Tennessee and surrounding states as backward hicks. Makes it pretty clear who’s REALLY got everything all bass-ackwards, now doesn’t it?

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