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  HuffPo’s “Silencing Human Trafficking Victims in America” Gives the Human Traffickers a Free Pass

Posted on February 12 2011 2:11 pm
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However, in order to understand the newspeak of the Left, one has to turn the phrase inside out. What they are talking about is not immigration. Not the kind that made our country the melting pot for people coming from all over the world. That is just the illusion they want to create.

They are talking about the enforcement of illegal entry into America. When you peel off the carefully crafted sterile label, you find underneath is an ugly reality of human trafficking and suffering children.

They are blaming the plight of these families not on the risks the adults have taken with their children, but instead the enforcement of our immigration laws.

By blaming the laws, rather than blaming the lack of actual enforcement, calling for aggressive prosecution of the human traffickers, they set up families to be caught in a web of consequences for living outside of the law. Becoming yet another set of victims for the Left to exploit rather than actually help.

The shelter I worked at for more than six years was tucked in the back of a small Midwestern town. There was one factory in the neighboring town that was a magnet for illegal immigrants that not only produced an abundance of brooms, but social consequences for immigrants and surrounding communities.

The young mother that once sat crying in the corner, is now a legal citizen and the last I heard, was earning a law degree. She was originally lured away from home with the promise of marriage, and a new life. That dream didn’t become a reality until she stopped living a lie, and took responsibility for herself, and the safety of her children.

The Left’s warm fuzzy idea of humanity, by breaking down our boarders, is in reality only creating an environment that invites parents to put their families at risk, and force them into the outer fringes of society, poverty and abuse. Allowing the human traffickers to continue to flourish, while the Left deflects and diverts the nations eyes elsewhere.

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