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Ron Paul: The Other Left’s Jimmy Carter

Posted on February 11 2011 3:00 pm
A life-long conservative Reagan Girl and conservative feminist, Lisa holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT. Lisa is a staunch, unapologetic, Christian supporter and defender of Israel, who considers herself a spiritual Jew. Lisa resides in CT with her family and assortment of rescued pets.
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Every time I read something written by Ron Paul, I feel the need for one of those “Dummies” books.  In Ron Paul’s case the book would be titled “Understanding Dummies for the American With Common Sense.” That’s because Ron Paul is to the radical Libertarian what Jimmy Carter is to Democrats: both are anti-Israel leftist, Islam-apologists, and both are America-denouncing old fart Judas’s who feel it’s better to ignore any crisis that could harm Israel.

Paul’s latest platform is his constant: when in doubt, do what Jimmy Carter would do—turn a blind eye. In this case, ignore Egyptian riots, Mubarak, and the Muslim Brotherhood trying to take hold of Egypt, and let chaos become complete disaster. Just blame America for the entire mess.

Paul insists America caused Egypt’s riots by giving Egypt money, tanks, and aid, and America should let the entire violent, Islamic mess, happening next door to our ally Israel, play itself out. That would be Paulistianian for “let Egypt riot while America disregards violence, and whatever happens to those Jews in Israel is their problem, not ours!”  In other words, handle it the way Carter handled Iran.  And look how fabulous Iran is now for Carter’s ignoring that revolution, Iran simply adores Israel and America.

I’m not surprised by Ron Paul’s latest comments. Like the Judas Carter, who sides with communists and Islamic dictators against America, and recently told his church, “The United States wants Mubarak to stay in power, but the people have decided,” radical libertarian Paul claims America empowers Mubarak, denounces America as the culprit of Islamic violence, as he hurls Israel under Egyptian tanks. The so-called libertarian claims he’s a freedom guy, unless peace-keeping actions involve protecting Israel from the Muslim Brotherhood seeking to conquer Egypt. Then Paul’s leftist head erupts.

Paul’s latest rant at Lew calls the Egyptian protests and riots “Our 30 Year Mistake:

I hope that Egyptians are able to work toward a more free and just society. Unfortunately, much of the blame for the unrest in Egypt and the resulting instability in the region rests with US foreign policy over the past several decades. The US government has sent more than $60 billion to the Egyptian regime since the Camp David Accords in 1978 to purchase stability, including more security for the state of Israel.  We see now the folly of our interventionist foreign policy: not only has that stability fallen to pieces with the current unrest, but the years of propping up the corrupt regime in Egypt has led the people to increase their resentment of both America and Israel! We are both worse off for decades of intervention into Egypt’s internal affairs.

You can’t bame America for Egypt’s riots and economic woes.  Yet, self-loathing blame-America angsters like Ron Paul, who always sides with Iran, Hamas, and other terrorists against America and Israel, insist America placed Mubarak in power.  Apparently Egyptians are stringed puppets unable to act on their own volition.

Ron, Egyptians actually have thinking brains. Egyptians chose their dictators. America did not place Mubarak in power, his people did.

Still, America is a “double-dealing” “isolationist” that propped up Egypt. Paul claims America lost all credibility with Egypt, because we “prop up regimes” by “purchas[ing]” and “rent[ing]” their friendships and remaining friends with those they hate—Israel. If you try harder, you might be able to show your disdain for Israel.

The isolationist insists America is “more isolated from Egypt,” because America created the Mubarak regime.  Paul says this made Arab nations “resentment our interventionist policies.”  Americans have isolated

ourselves from Tunisians, Israelis, and other recipients of our foreign aid, [and we are] less safe, because we lose our authority to conduct meaningful diplomacy when unpopular regimes fall overseas. We also radicalize those who resented our support for past regimes…The best answer to these questions is that we should just do nothing…We should leave Egypt for Egyptians to figure out.

Now we’re isolated? I thought  Paul’s philosophy was never intervene, isolate America, and turn your back on the world around you.

Note to Ron Paul, America does not choose Arab Muslim nation dictators; those countries decide their own leadership and fate.  Egypt chose her dictators and has only herself to blame for inept politics.  And besides, Ron Paul should be thrilled most Arab Muslim nations hate America.  Perhaps he could add them to his fan club. That is, if he can find turbans made of tin foil.

Ron Paul, the other left’s Jimmy Carter is no different than the original sin of hypocrisy—an America-denouncing leftist Judas, who constantly throws Israel under enemy tanks, while blaming America for Islamic chaos.

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