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Top 5 Revolutions Backed By Leftist Puppet Master George Soros

Posted on February 9 2011 6:45 am
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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#2 — George Soros: A ‘Founding Father’ of an Islamist Turkey?

In June, 2006, while in Turkey pressing for Turkish membership in the EU, George Soros was questioned about his role in regime changes. It was already painfully clear to many that Soros had established himself as, in the words of Neil Clar of the NorthStar Compass, the “uncrowned king” of Eastern Europe. Soros rejected the claim, but his influence in Turkey is manifest. OSI has been actively studying politics and religion in Turkey since at least the 1990s and setting forth policy recommendations on these issues. More troubling, perhaps, is that OSI is seeking a new constitution for Turkey based on OSI values.

Can Paker, the head of OSI’s Assistance Foundation in Turkey, is also head of the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), an organization lobbying for Turkey’s newly elected Parliament to adopt a brand new constitution. TESEV has commissioned a report on the “essential principles” to be included in that constitution.

Creating a framework of consensus is of critical importance to increase participation and legitimacy while preparing the new constitution, Ergun Özbudun, a prominent academic on constitutional law and a member of the commission set up by the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation, or TESEV, said at a press conference Thursday in Istanbul.

The commission formed this month will prepare a report on the essential principles of a constitution, which will also include issues like identity, freedom of conscience, separation of powers, civil-military relations, local governance and decentralization, TESEV Director Can Paker told the media.

Much of this may sound well and good to those of us who may take basic human rights for granted, but there is a danger involved even beyond the danger of allowing some Western investor to determine what’s in your Constitution. TESEV seeks a Constitution based on pluralism.

Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) President Can Paker has called on the country’s politicians and civil society organizations to adopt a new, democratic constitution based on participatory and pluralistic politics.

“Pluralism”, generally speaking, is the rejection of the idea that something can be (1) held as absolutely true and (2) legitimately adhered to, or valued. An example of something that is accepted as “absolutely true” in America’s Constitution is that human rights are “unalienable”. The less a Constitution includes absolutes in regard to human dignity, property rights, due process, etc., the more the door is opened for communities, regions, or a whole country to adopt systems opposed to these values through pure democratic voting. One example of this would be Sharia Law.

Why mention Sharia? The Turkish newspaper Sabah has reported that OSI has shown itself to be “pro-AKP“. The AKP is the Islamist party in Turkey.

To many observers, the [2007] election marked another milestone in the development of Turkey’s brand of political Islam. The AKP is an offshoot of a more rigorously Islamist party, but Erdogan and other senior party figures have made little effort to bring personal piety into the public sphere.

That has done little to quell secularists’ wariness. Many are convinced that the AKP harbors a hidden Islamist agenda, one now more likely to make inroads into public policy.

“We see the danger of Sharia and fundamentalism,” said Hatice Ozbay, a volunteer for the main secular group, the Republican People’s Party, known in Turkish as the CHP. “We will keep on fighting that.”

Will George Soros succeed in his push for a constitution in Turkey that is heavy on democracy but low on absolutes that protect life, freedom of worship, property rights, etc., despite the risk of ushering in the spread of Sharia Law? This is still an open question, but he is certainly trying.

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