Rhonda Robinson

HuffPo’s “Silencing Human Trafficking Victims in America” Gives the Human Traffickers a Free Pass

Posted on February 8 2011 7:00 pm
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She sat in the corner, on the floor with her head hidden between her knees. As she wept, her arms trembled over her head. Her 10-year-old daughter stood by with her baby sister riding on her hip, ready to translate her mother’s Spanish sobs.

The young mother just couldn’t believe what had just happened. The man that she was living with, the father of her youngest child, had just beat her in a parking lot, in front of God, passers-by and her own children.

She, along with her two little girls had been brought to my doorstep by a police officer called to the scene of the crime. “My doorstep” was a safe house for women suffering from domestic violence. It was my shift. The thought of her being here illegally never crossed my mind–but she was.

Her oldest daughter spoke English without a trace of an accent. She seemed like a 20 year-old packed in a tiny 10 year-old frame. Her silky dark hair was long, down to her waist, just like her mother’s. Her sadness and concern seemed to make her brown eyes so much bigger than they really were.

As a domestic violence shelter, our job was to keep women safe, help them to heal and grow strong enough to stand on their own so that they were not dependant on the men that was abusing them.

Tiffany Williams, a social worker, wrote a column over at The Huffington Post entitled “Silencing Human Trafficking Victims in America” that serves as a veritable blueprint of the web Leftists spin for victims.

Williams writes:

Thanks to a wave of anti-immigrant proposals in state legislatures across the nation, fear of deportation and family separation has forced many immigrant women to stay silent rather than report workplace abuse and exploitation to authorities.

When the American Psychological Association recently recommended overhauling our detention centers and social service networks to better protect children and maintain family units, it acknowledged the widespread psychological trauma caused by immigration enforcement — including everything from infant developmental delays to dismal academic performance.

“Widespread psychological trauma … including everything from infant developmental delays to dismal academic performance” could be said of children of prisoners, drug addicts and alcoholics– just about any unstable home environment. However, the cause cited here is “immigration enforcement.”

“Immigration enforcement” is a term used by the indigenous people living in the dream world of the Left, it’s derived from their native language of Political Correctness. In the real America, at least where English is still spoken, “Immigration enforcement” would actually mean we would enforce immigration.

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