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ABC’s John Quiñones Turns Racial Profiling Fantasy Into Anti-Cop Hit Piece

Posted on February 7 2011 12:18 pm
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Imagine you’re sitting in a diner in Arizona when a wimpy security guard (who looks like he’s never had a date with anything that isn’t inflatable) walks up to a family waiting in line and starts demanding “papers” and proof of identification. The children start crying, the parents are confused and everyone is super uncomfortable. What would you do? The answer is nothing. You would do nothing, because this scenario would never happen, unless you work at ABC.

Why do I watch TV? I swear, one day it’s going to give me a massive heart attack. Friday night, ABC’s “What Would You Do,” hosted by John Quiñones went into unprecedented territory and had my blood pressure skyrocketing and pounding in my ears. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such blatant lying and misrepresentation of facts…ever! That’s saying a lot, I mean, I’ve watched Keith Olbermann’s show. But on this episode of “What Would You Do,” the staff at ABC cooked up a hoax sure to make leftists everywhere cheer with ignorant glee. For two days ABC assaulted innocent bystanders in cafes across Arizona, setting up this unbelievable drama with a white security guard harassing people because they look Mexican. They have him using highly insulting language, berating people for not speaking English and demanding “papers.” Hello, ABC, this is America. We don’t have “papers,” we have driver’s licenses. This is not Moscow circa 1980.

What’s worse than this stupid plot is Quiñones insisting that it somehow relates to Arizona’s illegal immigration enforcement law SB1070 (which Quiñones calls an “anti-immigration” law). Everyone, including Quiñones, knows that the AZ law is exactly the same as the federal law. Everyone, including Quiñones, knows that AZ police cannot ask for identification from anyone unless that person has broken a law. And in that case, no one, no matter what color, has the right to refuse to produce ID to a law enforcement officer. Heck, I have to show my ID to use my credit card at the mall, for crying out loud! These facts do not stop ABC from just making stuff up.

Over two days of filming, we were amazed to see dozens of people stepping up when witnessing racial profiling in action. All kinds of people intervened — in fact, the majority were non-Hispanic. Despite the fact that the anti-immigration law seems popular in Arizona, we didn’t see any evidence of it in this Tucson restaurant.

Of course people were outraged that this rent-a-cop was illegally harassing innocent people trying to get a meal. And the Arizona law doesn’t “seem” popular, it is popular with a 70 percent approval rating. The other 30 percent watch ABC. The people in this experiment weren’t being exposed to the proper application of SB1070, but a perverted hillbilly jackass with a fake badge yelling at children. I wonder how the good people in the restaurant would feel if instead of a smarmy mall-cop, a drunk driver was pulled over in the restaurant parking lot and actual police officers were asking for his ID. I would guess the reaction would be much different. That would be the proper application of SB1070.

Quiñones and ABC have not only lied to the public and misrepresented the law in Arizona, they have slandered police officers. By using a man dressed in a uniform, they are invoking an image of a police officer (without actually using one because they didn’t have the cojones.) This image of a uniformed servant harassing people is unbelievably unfair. Arizona is a battleground. People are being kidnapped and beheaded across the border, ranchers murdered, and the police are the last line of defense in a very dangerous situation. To impugn their honor by implying they might someday harass children in a restaurant like they’re KGB is an outrageous injustice. Police officers have sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. They take that oath very seriously and know more about your rights than you do. If there were a defamation league for police officers, it would be suing ABC tomorrow.

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