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Top 10 Campus ThoughtCrimes – PC Police Attack Free Speech and Common Sense

Posted on February 6 2011 9:26 am
Diane Schrader, a former television news writer/producer, lives with her family in Los Angeles. She likes a nice cup of tea. Follow her on Twitter.

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3. Washington University’s student government caves to the leftist bullies and bans Bristol Palin

I like the way Jonathon Burns put it over at Big Journalism:

“Let’s imagine that Washington University’s student government decided to put on a conference on race. Let’s say they invited Al Sharpton as guest speaker, and in initial negotiation, agreed to pay him his usual $30-50,000 speaking fee. Finally, let’s say at the last minute, a number of bigoted students protested Sharpton, and then the student government decided to pull the plug on Sharpton out of fear of the protesting, bigoted students. What do you think Sharpton’s response would be? …He’d have the heads of the entire Washington University administration.. he’d want public apologies from dozens of people, sensitivity training for the student government… he’d publicly embarrass the students and the school… so my question for Bristol Palin is: What concessions are you seeking?”

It’s a legitimate question. The Student Health Advisory Committee at Wash U had contacted Bristol to join a panel discussion on sexual abstinence in a college setting during the school’s annual “Sex Week.” (Aside to parents: Aren’t you glad you’re paying for all that?) Anyway, Bristol’s point of view isn’t usually well represented during discussions of college sexuality, so this was a refreshing change. But not a popular one, as it turns out. And the organizers, in a particularly juvenile display, fired her. Listen to committee spokesman Ryan McCombe:

“I have been getting emails, text messages and phone calls from people at universities across the country, laughing at me. Everyone is so riled up about this that there’s not even a point of bringing her here, nobody is going to be able to listen”

People are laughing at him! Well, clearly that can’t be tolerated. Dump Bristol now!

So because of a bunch of bigmouth students hate Bristol Palin (and, of course, her mom), her viewpoint IS NOT WELCOME at Washington University. Again, writer Burns sums it up neatly:

“Let’s not kid ourselves, here. What has transpired at Wash U is nothing short of bigotry and hate. These students weren’t protesting Bristol because she’s some evil mass murderer. No, they’re protesting her because they hate her. Yes. Hate. They hate everything Bristol represents, and they hate the fact that proponents of abstinence and others who share Bristol’s family-oriented culture suddenly have a beautiful, popular advocate – who can dance!”

I wonder what makes leftists the angriest – that Bristol kept her baby instead of aborting him, or that she now tries to warn others to avoid behavior that will result in an unwed pregnancy? Or is it that she’s pretty? Or is it that she’s a Palin?

Well, in any event, Bristol is persona non grata, but murderous leftists like Angela Davis are welcomed with open arms. Your tax dollars at work.

Next: Those leftist speakers on campus? Don’t respond to them the wrong way, OR ELSE…

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