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The 7 Lamest Charges of Anti-Semitism Directed At Glenn Beck By Media Matters and The George Soros Left

Posted on February 6 2011 2:00 pm
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5) A Media Matters Writer With a Jewish Problem Claims Glenn Beck Has a Jewish Problem Joining Uygur in claiming that the Fox host had a Jewish problem was progressive  MJ Rosenberg, who among other jobs,  is a commentator for Media Matters.

Rosenberg went after Beck in an article where he tried to relate the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords to Beck’s supposed Jew-hatred.

I have written about my concern that the Jewish community was not paying enough attention to Beck because he cleverly covers his tracks by professing his “love” for Israel. (Virtually all anti-Semites these days understand that expressing “love” for the Jewish state gives them a relatively free pass to bash Jews and even to use Nazi themes against them.)

Sorry Rosenberg, but its time to throw down the hypocrite card. There is no political commentator who uses anti-Semitic imagery more than Rosenberg himself. Ironically just a few weeks later,  in a piece written by MJ Rosenberg and published by Media Matters, he used another crisis, this time the one in Egypt to imply that  Jews ran the government, the media, and if it wasn’t for those dammed Jews,  the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran would be practically “kissing cousins.” Many people have accused MJ Rosenberg of being a self-hating Jews, when you have read enough of Rosenberg’s writings, it is clear he is not self-hating, in fact I believe he loves himself (although it is also clear he isn’t a huge fan of those war-mongering, foreign policy running, Iranian hating, media owning Jews)

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