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The 7 Lamest Charges of Anti-Semitism Directed At Glenn Beck By Media Matters and The George Soros Left

Posted on February 6 2011 2:00 pm
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1) Just What The Heck Were They Smoking? In early October Beck covered Soros’  history as a currency speculator whose sometimes underhanded dealing brought down the British pound sterling and an insider trading conviction in France . He had also been accused of triggering the economic meltdown of Southeast Asian currencies in 1997.

Beck claimed Soros,

“rolled the dice in ‘97 in Asia, and many, including the Malaysian prime minister, believe it was billionaire speculator George Soros who helped trigger the economic meltdown that spread through Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.”

Media Matters turned this Beck program into Antisemitism with some pretty inventive and  twisted logic. Try to follow this (if you can)— since Beck mentioned Soros was accused of doing underhanded dealing by the Malaysian Prime Minister—and since the Malaysian PM is a serial anti-Semite who once said Soros’ currency dealings were part of a Jewish conspiracy–and since Soros is Jewish—well then, that must mean Beck must be a Jew-hater who believes that Jews run the banks. Understand? No, I didn’t think so. Don’t feel bad because it doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense and it ignores the fact that, well Soros’  has been underhanded if you consider a insider trading underhanded.   This charge was reminiscent of those weird questions found on the S.A.T. exams in the 1970s. Remember? —Cat is to Dog as hamburger is to automobile. You would be scratching your head for days trying to figure out what the exam’s creator  smoking.

Besides being hard to follow, the other problem with the Media Matters charge  was Beck did not mention or even hint at the word Jew in his discourse. Of course according to the Media Matters playbook Beck’s omission of  any tie to the Jews is not a concern, because like the Ministry of Truth from 1984 truth is not their concern.

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