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The 7 Lamest Charges of Anti-Semitism Directed At Glenn Beck By Media Matters and The George Soros Left

Posted on February 6 2011 2:00 pm
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From their perspective, Media Matters’  targeting of Glenn Beck is almost understandable, after all the radio host/TV commentator has been warning people how the progressive agenda is a danger to American freedom for a long time. He has also been exposing, George Soros, also known as “Spooky Dude” who is the Sugar Daddy for much of the progressive movement, including Media Matters.

What Media Matters doesn’t like to talk about is the fact that Soros is a major funder of the organization, most of the funding is indirect. Three different Soros charitable foundations, individual members of the Soros family, and the Geosor Corporation  give hundreds of millions of dollars to The Open Society Institute (see page 18 of the Institute’s nonprofit tax return posted here). Open Society gives money to the Center for American Progress who gives money to Media Matters.  Another Soros funded group that helps Media Matters is the Democracy Alliance, and recently Soros gave a large and public chunk of money to Media matters, calling it the “first ever” donation by the  financier (except for all the other I suppose). Keep in mind that Media Matters is not required to list its donors, this information comes from the tax returns of the foundations that give it money, so there may be other donations not discovered.

Media Matters attacks on Beck have reached almost comic proportions—an incredible obsession.  A search of Media Matters on site search engine reports the Soros-controlled media police posted 2,460 anti-Beck posts between January 4, 2010 and October 5th (the day before they began their strategy of trying to brand the Commentator as a Jew-hater.  Let that number roll around in your mind for a second–2,460 posts in 274 days–that’s an average of nine posts a day and (if he didn’t miss a TV or radio show) 13 posts per program.  It was obvious that either Media Matters and Mr. Soros had it in for Glenn Beck or someone has some sort of kinky crush on the Fox star.

Media Matters began a “Glenn Beck has a Jewish Problem”  hit job in October when the  the commentator dedicated a program to outlining George Soros’ political network and exposing Spooky Dude’s history of currency manipulation and it continues through today with the bogus charges of 400 rabbis, blessed by Media Matters and promoted by the Progressive mainstream media.

False charges of Antisemitism are a particular hot button of mine. As a Jew, every time I hear someone being bullied with false charges of Antisemitism I an compelled to offer a defense (usually that deflects the bully’s anger toward my direction).

That doesn’t mean I reject all charges of Antisemitism. When charges are valid I just vigorously attack the bigot, such as when my friend Rabbi Nessenoff asked me what to do with this little video he took of Helen Thomas. I quickly posted it on my site The Lid, at Big Journalism, gave it to Scott Baker who at the time was running Breitbart TV ,  sent out tweets and emails to most of the large sites.  By the end of the day it was on radio and TV and the calls for Thomas’ head were all over the place, and my friend Rabbi Nessenoff’s face was all over the media.

In the case of Media Matters and Sugar-Daddy George’s progressive hit squad, branding Beck as Antisemitic was a brilliant strategy at times they brought back memories of the All in the Family episode where Mr. Rabinowitz, Archie Bunker’s attorney advised,

In a court of law, you can’t beat a station wagon filled with nuns!

Though in the case of Soros progressive hit squad, it was an open letter with 400 Rabbis.

Thankfully the attempt to brand Glenn Beck as an anti-Semite isn’t working for two reasons. First of all and most importantly it’s not true.  As a regular listener of Beck’s radio show and a semi-regular viewer of his TV offerings, if there was the slightest hint of Antisemitism coming out of the Fox broadcaster’s mouth I would be attacking him relentlessly. Just as I continue to attack people like  WFAN’s Mike Francesa and his former partner Chris Russo, who reacted to 9/11 by calling for Jews to take a loyalty oath.

The other mistake made by the Soros hit team lead by Media Matters was over reach. The few months have seen some of the the lamest allegations of Antisemitism made since biblical times, when God told Abraham to leave the Mesopotamian City of  Ur the land of his birth, his kindred and his father’s house, move to the Holy Land to create the first “Jewish neighborhood.”

These, in my humble opinion are the lamest.

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