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  “Miss Representation”: Nothing Captures a Lefty Audience Like Sarah Palin’s Boobs

Posted on February 6 2011 4:00 pm
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Newsom, on her blog laments that women are just so underrepresented in congress.

I’m still in shock over the recent November election. What was supposed to be another ‘year of the woman’ ended in a step backwards for women and for the U.S.

If we are to continue making progress as women and as a democracy, we need to address what has become a crisis of representation.

Once Newsom gets over her “shock,” I have some facts for her. She overlooked some women. Conservative women made historic gains in the election but they flew way under Newsom’s radar because women on the Left simply despise conservative women. We are the unmentionables. But even though it wasn’t what Newsom imagined, it was the year of the conservative woman.

NH Kelly Ayote (R)-replaced Judd Gregg (D)
AL Martha Roby (R)-replaced Bobby Bright (D)
FL Sandy Adams (R)-replaced Suzanne Kosmas (D)
MO Vicky Hartzler (R)-replaced Ike Skelton (D)
NY Nan Hayworth (R)-replaced John Hall (D)
NY Ann Marie Buerkle (R)-replaced Dan Maffei (D)
NC Renee Ellmers (R)-replaced Bob Ethridge (D)
SD Kristy Noem (R)-replaced Stephanie Hersith Sandlin (D)
TN Diane Black (R)-replaced Bart Gordon (D)
WA Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)-replaced Brian Baird (D)

I reject the premise that only a woman can represent me because I’m a woman and therefore we automatically share ideals and values. Debbie Halvorson was my congresswoman. She and I disagreed on every major issue. I voted for Adam Kinzinger, (the white guy) who won, because he supports life, liberty and lower taxes. Halvorson, while possessing boobs, was a boob who voted for health rationing, never saw a spending bill she didn’t like, and was so unpopular little children threw candy at her at a local parade. (Admittedly, they were my children.)

Being female doesn’t automatically make you wise in the same way that a Harvard degree doesn’t automatically make you smart. The classic leftist argument is all about “representation” of race, class, sex…enough already! I’ll vote for anyone of any class, sex, sexual orientation, race or pants size if they will vote to lower my taxes and stop the insanity that is overtaking our country. I only wish to be represented by ideological brain-mates. The rest of it is meaningless flimflam.

Newsom also suggests in the preview of “Miss Representation” that the sexual images on TV are super offensive. I agree. They are. But did you see the use of them in the trailer for “Miss Representation”? Newsom is guilty of using the very images she says she despises to sell her film! Furthermore, it’s very odd for a woman who has been involved in making racy movies to get her panties in a twist over how women are portrayed in the media. Did she not have the choice to turn down a screenplay that involved her having a threesome on film? One might say Newsom is part of the problem. Women will be viewed the way women allow themselves to be viewed! And something no faux-feminist will do (but needs to do) is turn that wagging finger right around. The feminist movement of the 60’s paved the way for the highly sexualized media mess we find ourselves in today. Our daughters are suffering from the ignorance of women who were determined to “liberate” women through orgasms, consequences be damned. What do you think, ladies? Have we climaxed yet?

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