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5 Best and 5 Worst Places for Conservatives to Live

Posted on February 6 2011 9:26 am
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Conservatives: Time for mass exodus!

Here in the totally Democrat-run state of Illinois, a 66% income tax just hit our paychecks last week. As you can imagine, anyone with any sense has spent the last week discussing to which state we should flee. My friends and I have been fantasizing about a conservative commune where everyone showers, no one would starve (because we hunt) and there is no wife-swapping. It’s a fun exercise to think about. Several of us believe a solution to our partisan problems (before it descends into civil war) might just be to part ways with the American Left and set up traditional American government in the already conservative states. The first goal should be beefing up these already rational and taxpayer-friendly states with more like-minded citizens. Too many of us are separated and living in enemy territory, forced into an ideological closet from which we dare not exit for fear of public humiliation and shunning.

Living in a solid blue state, it is nearly impossible not to have been accosted at a cocktail party while trying to enjoy some shrimp by a (literally) foaming at the mouth leftist who accidentally found out you voted for Bush. And God forbid it should be discovered you once worked for Rush Limbaugh (like me). In that scenario, not one person would come to your defense if your accuser threw you through a plate glass window. I’m not a bumper sticker person (too hard to scrape off) but I’ve known a few brave souls who’ve had their cars scratched for advertising their conservative beliefs. There must be better places to live. I’ve come to the conclusion that now might be the time to start looking.  The following are the best and worst places in the country for conservatives, taking a number of factors into consideration from taxes to dating opportunities, political affiliation, weather, housing prices and more.

And we’re starting with…

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