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Roger Ebert Runs Drive By on Glenn Beck

Posted on February 4 2011 10:40 am
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It’s been a while since Roger Ebert has caught our attention here at NewsReal Blog. For a while there, it seemed as though nary a week went by without him spouting off some unintelligible nonsense about the Gulf oil spill or the Ground Zero Mosque. Like many of the sanctimonious Hollywood egos whose work he critiques, Ebert has something of a bully pulpit as a result of being such an accomplished film critic. He can’t help but take advantage of it to spout off on matters beyond his comprehension.

I’ve highlighted before how horrible Ebert’s writing is on any topic other than film. The same grasp of the fantastic which serves him so well within the world of make-believe distorts his view of reality.

Consider his recent attack on Glenn Beck. I urge to you experience it the same way I did. Read what Ebert has to say first, then watch the brief video from Beck’s show. What you’ll notice is that, until you watch the video, you won’t have any idea what Beck actually said. That’s because Ebert never brings it up. Instead, in true drive-by media fashion, he blows past the substance of Beck’s words, skipping straight to a bigoted assessment of Beck’s knowledge and intelligence.

I’m guessing he knows less than nothing. Are you like me? Do you see a man who did not spend the weekend “studying the news” as he claims, but is inventing everything he says as he says it? Watch his eyes. Listen to his voice. Look at his blackboard. He didn’t study for the oral exam, and now he’s faking it.

He notices mobs in the Middle East are “always” rioting and setting cars on fire. This after a week of peaceful protests by millions…

When you actually watch Beck’s comments, it’s quite clear that he never asserts mobs are always rioting and setting cars on fire. Beck was plainly speaking to the perception of the average American whose only knowledge of the outside world is filtered through channel surfing. Either Ebert wasn’t listening, or he is willfully misrepresenting Beck’s comment. I tend to believe the former, because Ebert embeds the video right there for all to see.

What that means is that Ebert is so bigoted toward Beck, and likely conservatives in general, that it serves as a cognitive filiter prohibiting him from comprehending simple language. Beck’s entire point was that Americans, including him, ought to “do their homework” on the situation in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Ebert ought to do his on elementary comprehension.

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