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One of Barry’s College Articles Surfaces — and You’ll Wish It Hadn’t

Posted on February 4 2011 12:11 pm
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Our future president didn’t exactly push the envelope as a writer in college. Before he allegedly got his close personal friend Bill Ayers to write his memoirs, his writing was –oh, how to put it– dull and trite, filled with cliches and what one writer called “leftist claptrap.”

Somehow I missed this article when it popped up a year and a half ago, but Two Sets of Books (Patti Villacorta) blogged about the article that Barack Obama wrote back at Columbia University and kindly brought it to my attention.

The 1983 article from the Sundial, “Breaking the War Mentality,” is pretty, errr, well, sophomoric. The piece by The Smartest President Ever begins:

Most students at Columbia do not have first hand knowledge of war. Military violence has been a vicarious experience, channeled into our minds through television, film, and print.

Well, duh. Of course they wouldn’t, but I think you get the picture. The piece is drowning in an ocean of platitudes and banality. Why can’t we all just get along? Why do we need nuclear weapons? Why is America such an imperalistic oppressor? Yada yada yada.

No wonder the article was concealed for so many years. It’s embarrassing.

Here are some more deep thoughts from young  Obama:

We know that wars have occurred, will occur, are occurring, but bringing such experience down into our hearts, and taking continual, tangible steps to prevent war, becomes a difficult task.

To leftists, everything is political. The time you wasted going to the movies could have been better spent writing letters trying to get death row inmates released from the eeevil prisons that capitalism erects to oppress The Other.

Another gem:

These [peacenik] groups, visualizing the possibilities of destruction and grasping the tendencies of distorted national priorities, are throwing their weight into shifting America off the dead end track.

Yup, that’s America, a bunch of useless dead-enders, so say the left.

It just goes on and on like this.

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep one night, I recommend you read the article.

You’ll be out before you finish the first page.

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