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Colbert Lives: The Report Distributes Not-So-Subliminal Messages on the Muslim Brotherhood

Posted on February 4 2011 2:03 pm
Sonny Palermo has scribbled columns for Winners Edge, Ring Sports and other magazines, and websites such as The Daily Caller, American Thinker,BlogsLucianneLoves and He has done regular guest appearances on FOX Sports radio in Vegas and nationally on SIRIUS.
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Exposed! Leftist Media Puppets

John Carpenter’s They Live is a blend of politics, sci-fi and humor. The world is populated by aliens masquerading as humans while plotting a takeover of the planet. A special pair of sunglasses allows humans to see the aliens as the pop-eyed zombies they really are and the subliminal messages they have planted throughout the culture, on billboards, in magazines and on TV: OBEY, SUBMIT TO AUTHORITY, HAVE NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT.

Life imitates art. The aliens are here. They live among us. They look like you and me, but they’re not.  They are positioning themselves for global domination. They are the Socialist Left, and like the aliens in They Live they insidiously employ pop culture in an attempt to brainwash the masses.

Take The Colbert Report for example. Monday’s guest was Samer Shehata, assistant professor of Arab politics at Georgetown University. Hidden under the guise of comedy lay the true purpose of the segment – proselytizing: “Mubarek bad, Muslim Brotherhood good.”

Said Stephen Colbert:

“What about the Muslim Brotherhood? I know nothing about them, but I hear their name and I’m terrified.”

That wasn’t a question, it was a set up designed by lemmings of the Left. It was implanted into the interview to deprogram anyone who might be suspicious or scared of the Brotherhood, and to defuse the words of those on the Right who are warning the American people of how dangerous they are. And it was presented in the typical, one-sided mocking of conservatives and their values – “I know nothing, but I’m terrified”- that The Colbert Report is famous for.

Shehata’s response was right on script:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is not radical, not clerically-based.”

Got that, America? Nothing to worry about.

But Colbert and Shehata offer nothing to support their claim, or the next one by Shehata:

“The Muslim Brotherhood reformed itself in the 1960s, they condemned the use of violence. Very unlikely this (the crisis in Egypt) will result in hostilities towards Israel.”

The 1960s?  Really? Then what are we to make of this statement by the Brotherhood’s Muhammad Ghannem, who just last week reportedly told the Iranian news network Al- Alam:

“The (Egyptian) people should be prepared for war against Israel.”

And what of the 2008 report by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, published by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, which states:

“The Muslim Brotherhood should be considered a strategic enemy of the United States. It should be designated as a threat to the national security of the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood stated clearly that it considers the United States to be its enemy, despite claims by some commentators that there exists a moderate wing of the movement that does not support the movement’s core goals and ideology.”

Some commentators?”  Like those on Comedy Central?

Too bad comedian Colbert couldn’t be bothered questioning Shehata on the details contained in the Homeland Security report, it might have been funny to hear whatever other empty claims he would try and advance.

The American Left and the Muslim Brotherhood are bonded by a common trait – they hate America as we know it.  The Muslim Brother Hood is dangerous, some have called for a jihad against the United States.  That the Left is too blinded by ideology to show wisdom when choosing who they jump in bed with would be comical if it weren’t so perilous to the rest of the nation.

The grand jihad to destroy the West starts in the Middle East.

It lands on our soil if the American people remain as the Left would have them – ignorant and complacent.

Too many people don’t understand the depth of treachery inherent in the far Left. Too many see life through the rose-colored-glasses distributed by their propaganda partners in the media. To see the Socialist Left for what it really is you need sunglasses like the ones in They Live. You’re not going to get them on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC. They don’t come free with a subscription to the NY Times, Newsweek or Washington Post.

You get them by being informed.

And you can’t expect to be informed if you get your news from Comedy Central . . .

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