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Children Under Sharia Law, Part 9: Raped 14 Year Old Girl Whipped to Death By Clerics

Posted on February 4 2011 2:30 pm
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Hena: A victim of rape and sharia-enforced murder.

While many on the Left continue to deny any danger in Sharia, every week more women and children are persecuted under Islamic law all over the world. Sadly the only way to find out about these sad stories is through international papers or blogs like NRB. We have heard stories of death for adultery in the past, but this week there was a case so beyond the pale that even some mainstream media picked up on it.

Late in the night last Sunday, in a village in Bangladesh, a 40 year old married man (Mahbub) abducted his 14 year old cousin and raped her. While being dragged and then raped, the girl (Hena) cried out for help from the village.  But instead of punishing the rapist, Muslim leaders accused her of adultery.  She was reportedly beaten by Mahbub’s family and then forced to face a Sharia court the next day. That court sentenced a fatwa proclaiming little Hena must face 100 lashes from a bamboo cane and the rapist was only given a financial penalty for his part (though the local authorities would later claim he was supposed to be whipped too).

Hena was given no chance to appeal. The same day the fatwa (recently fatwas were made illegal in Bangladesh) was issued, it was carried out.  Hena was forced to take strike after strike after strike of that cane.  Somewhere between 70-80 lashes she collapsed.  The girl was then taken to the hospital where she died from the wounds inflicted by the Sharia court.

Quickly the news coverage spread from local to national to international news. Most were shocked by the horror.  But sadly, the BBC news and the Washington Post got the story wrong (though the Post’s story is actually an AP story that appears to just be copying the info from the BBC’s report). Those papers ignored the fact that the girl was raped and repeated the apparent lie that the 40 year old man was sentenced to the same punishment. It appears those papers (or at least the original BBC article) didn’t want Sharia to appear so evil.  Thankfully, USA Today and many other foreign newspapers and online news outlets have now picked up on this story and are reporting on it more accurately.

In response to media pressure, the Bangladesh High Court has apprehended and demanded the four men involved with the fatwa to explain why the girl died from the beating. Fatwas were made illegal last July and the court wants to know why local officials allowed it to happen. The change in civil law appears to have not changed the actions of Sharia courts, and now a young girl is dead from a vicious beating. Her father told BBC:

What sort of justice is this?  My daughter has been beaten to death in the name of justice. If it had been a proper court then my daughter would not have died. – victim’s father

Some would read the father’s words and say this was an illegal beating, so we shouldn’t be concerned.  Well, first of all, it was only illegal because of a very recent government law. Until last year such sharia beatings were allowed in Bangladesh.

Secondly, let’s not forget that this action was carried out by a Sharia court and local Muslim leaders.  The beating was not simply some family punishing their own relative.

Finally, the father assumes that his daughter would still have had to face trial for being raped even in a “proper court.” Why should a woman ever face charges as a victim of rape? Let’s not forget that even if little Hena had agreed to the sex instead of screaming for help, it still would have been rape. Adults having sex with children is always rape.

It is frustrating that some major news outlets falsely covered this story, but at least they didn’t ignore it.  The next step will be getting major cable news and talk radio to cover more stories of the dangers of Sharia. And hopefully those on at least the moderate Left will eventually wake up to the dangers of Islamic law and the damage it causes women and children. I won’t hold my breath.

‘What sort of justice is this?’ the girl’s father asked the BBC.

‘My daughter has been beaten to death in the name of justice. If it had been a proper court then my daughter would not have died.’

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