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The Real Haters: Radical Islamists And Leftists

Posted on February 3 2011 2:10 pm

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David Horowitz and I have apparently hit a sore spot on the radical Left. They feel that we have been too hard in our recent articles on their kindred spirit, the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

For example, the Daily Kos ran something called “Egypt Liveblog: Sub-Diary #30” which attracted this introduction to my post on February 1st:

From Professional Hater, David Horowitz:

by Joseph Klein (hater-in-waiting)

More ominously, Alex Jones’ published a death threat after quoting from David Horowitz’s article and mine:

AllroadsLeadtoTelAviv says:

“Can we hire some good unemployed sniper veterans to take these zionazi vermin out?”

These comments help demonstrate how the radical Left and radical Islamists are mirror images of each other, united in their hate of Western democratic values and individual liberties. Ad hominem attacks and death threats against unbelievers are their shared tactics to silence opposition. Indeed, it’s fascinating how, in defending the Muslim Brotherhood, the radical Left employs rhetoric to incite violence, which it had blamed conservatives for using to supposedly incite the recent Tuscon shootings.

The radical Left  and radical Islamists detest the notion of individual sovereignty and self-government, although their end state is different. The radical Left  believes in the collective good of the common man living in a socialist or communist Utopian state. The radical Islamists believe in the divine law of Allah governing a universal caliphate.

The radical Left undoubtedly shares the radical Islamists’ hatred of the United States and Israel and the goal to destroy both.

Here is an excerpt from a sermon given by the Muslim Brotherhood’s new supreme guide, Muhammad Badi, entitled, “How Islam Confronts the Oppression and Tyranny,” translated by MEMRI:

According to the Islamic shari’a that Allah [has bequeathed] to mankind, the status of the Muslims, compared to that of the infidel nations that arrogantly [disdain] his shari’a, is measured in a kind of scale, in which, when one side is in a state of superiority, the other is in a state of inferiority…Resistance is the only solution against the Zio-American arrogance and tyranny, and all we need is for the Arab and Muslim peoples to stand behind it and support it…The U.S. is now experiencing the beginning of its end, and is heading towards its demise

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian now living in Qatar, is widely regarded as the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He has strong ties with Al-Azhar University in Cairo, which President Obama described in his June 2009 speech to the Muslim world at that very university as “a beacon of Islamic learning.” Al-Qaradawi is a member of the university’s Islamic Research Council, whose other Muslim scholars considered al-Qaradawi’s membership to be an “enrichment to the Council’s activities.”

Al-Qaradawi’s views give some insight into what life would be like with  the Muslim Brotherhood in charge.

Next: Al-Qaradawi’s opinions of dhimmis, women, and gays –>

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