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The Muslim Brotherhood of the Traveling Code Pink Pants

Posted on February 3 2011 11:47 am
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Code Pink, notorious anti-war movement prone to juvenile acts of vandalism, is at it again. Only this time, they’re in Egypt.

Here at NRB, it’s part of the mission to demonstrate the connections between the Left and the Islamofascists they so clearly admire. Normally, it takes a little more effort than today’s glaring example. If you’ve never heard of Code Pink, let me enlighten you. Operating under an “anti-war womyn’s movement,” Code Pink has taken every opportunity available to betray their country, put our soldiers in danger, support terrorists and make asses out of themselves.

The Code Pink founding member who calls herself “Medea” Benjamin (I imagine her given name “Susan” was too white or oppressive or something,) wrote on Michael Moore’s website yesterday about her trip to Egypt to show solidarity with the Egyptian people and demand Mubarak step down.

One way Obama can send a stronger message to Mubarak is to announce that the United States will cut off all aid to this regime. For 30 years the U.S. government has been supporting this autocratic, repressive state. Cutting aid now will send a clear signal that the U.S. government is finally distancing itself from this regime.

Tomorrow, a group of us will go to the U.S. Embassy with this message. We will sit outside the Embassy, despite the risks of being attacked by government thugs, and call on our government to immediately stop all aid to Mubarak’s regime. Please join us by taking the same action back home.

Now is the time that the Egyptian people need our solidarity. Don’t let there be one more “Made in the USA” teargas canister hurled at these people. Don’t let there be one more U.S. bullet or U.S. weapon aimed at them.

By all accounts Mubarak is a dictator, but in order to receive the Progressive Seal of Approval you must wear hipster tee-shirts featuring famous murderers and march in favor of brutal dictators (like Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Chairman Mao and Vladimir Lenin.) Imagine my confusion! If I’ve learned anything about the Left it’s to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone they hate. But it became clearer as I started to research Code Pink why they would give up this particular dictator in favor of the “revolution.” What do commie-pinko anti-war groups love more than despotic dictators?

Islamofascist dictators who force their women to wear the burqa and hate Israel, that’s who! (And it doesn’t hurt that Mubarak had a friendship with the Evil Empire, America.)

Enter The Muslim Brotherhood. What do a group of “womyn’s rights” activists have in common with Islamofascists, you may ask? That’s a good question considering they should have opposing views on female genital mutilation, wife-beating, the stoning of women, the inability of women to work and any other Islamic oppression of women that most “womyn’s” groups say they’re against. But if you package it up in a “religion” somehow the “feminists” can stomach little girls being held down by their mothers and sliced with a razor blade. It’s all in the name of solidarity (against Israel and America.)

There was a time in this country where people like Benjamin would have been tried in a public square and…well if I finish that sentence the civility police will descend, but you tell me what you think a country should do to a person or group who advocates the murder of American soldiers.

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