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Kooks Can’t Wait

Posted on February 3 2011 11:56 am

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It takes a special kind of website to make a dedicated pro-defense pro-limited government conservative like me feel a smidgen of sympathy for President Obama. That website belongs to World Can’t Wait, which a few hours ago made me briefly take leave of my senses and shout “yes we can” while doing a fist pump.

It’s undisguised anti-American horse manure like this on WCW’s website that makes my blood boil:

Barack Obama is the extremely conscious executive presiding over the world’s most powerful and vicious capitalist-imperialist empire. Everything Obama does—from waging war on people in Afghanistan and other countries, to the U.S. where the Obama Justice Department is ordering FBI raids on the houses of those who dissent from those wars, to his machinations with the economy and health care—is calculated to defend and extend the interests of the U.S. capitalist-imperialist class. There is nothing socialist or communist about Barack Obama. [emphasis added]

Wow. What planet do these people come from?

WCW was founded almost six years ago by the self-aggrandizing Martian Charles Clark Kissinger, a former Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) radical and longtime leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party who arrived on our planet via one of those UFOs Dennis Kucinich keeps blathering on about.

By the way, Kissinger is always available to speak on your campus wearing his cute little Mao cap — operators are standing by!

World Can’t Wait is a malodorous hodgepodge of totalitarian leftist ideas, anti-Americanism, and empty-headed mush that passes for insight.

WCW denounces both President Bush and President Obama(!)  as “war criminals.” The group praises accused WikiLeaks leaker US Army PFC Bradley Manning as a hero and, echoing the arguments of leftist bleeding heart Glenn Greenwald, urges feeble-minded left-wingers to petition the government regarding his plight:

Please call the White House Thursday, February 3, 2011, to voice your support for accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower US Army PFC Bradley Manning. Express your concern that Bradley’s human rights be respected by the Quantico, Virginia, brig authorities.

Bradley has been held in solitary confinement-like conditions for over eight months, and his trial is still months away. This American citizen-soldier has been convicted of no crime, yet continues to endure inhumane conditions of pre-trial confinement like no other inmate at the Marine Corps brig at Quantico.

Cue the violins. Poor Bradley Manning whose (alleged) actions may lead to the deaths of untold numbers of pro-U.S. informants is lonely and uncomfortable. I’m getting misty. Manning and Jared Loughner should get together and have a joint pity party.

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