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Christians Fear and Know New Government in Egypt Could Bring Radical Islam and Persecution

Posted on February 3 2011 3:00 pm
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The American media and our government are blindly supporting a power shake-up in Egypt not knowing who will take the helm of leadership.  And if you ask Christians connected with Egypt you will quickly learn that in all likelihood, these protests in Cairo and Alexandria will lead to the radical  Muslim Brotherhood grasping political control.  A simple study of recent persecution against Coptic Christians in Egypt, along with paying attention to knowledgeable Christian observers, will show the Egyptian revolution could have dire consequences for Israel, the U.S., and Egyptian Christians.

This week’s massive protest should not be taken out of context of how this year began in Egyptian news.  On January 1st there was a suicide bombing at a New Year’s Eve service at the Church of the Two Saints, a Coptic Orthodox congregation in Alexandria, Egypt.  The explosion killed 22 church members.  It led to protests by Christians and counter protests by Muslims.  Instead of focusing on Islamists, Muslim officials blamed the Jews in Israel.  The accepted and proclaimed Muslim belief was that the bombing was part of “a Zionist conspiracy against national unity in Egypt.”

Egypt has a population of 80 million and 10-15% of those are Christian.  The rest are primarily Muslim.  Coptic Christians have been around since shortly after the time of Christ, long before Mohammad was born or Islam showed up on the scene.  But growing hatred and violence of Muslims against Coptics has been the norm the past couple of years.  A two-year study recently documented 52 anti-Christian incidents between 2008 and 2010 in which none of the perpetrators were punished for their crimes.  And as Muslim violence increases, the blame continues to be pointed toward Israel.

So in Egypt we have a history of Islamists attacking Christians and then blaming Israel as a rallying cry for unity.  Coptics have been attacked over and over again by Islamists and now riots have broken out that could lead these Islamists to power.  Christian observers are right to be concerned about what’s going on in Cairo and Alexandria.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been thirsting for power in Egypt for many, many years.  Look at what is happening in Gaza today and you will have a very good idea of what could happen in Egypt if Hamas’ friends and allies, the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt come to power. It will not only spell disaster to the west and to Israel, but also to the Christians and the secular-minded Muslims. – Egypt-born Michael Youssef, popular American evangelical pastor

For some reason the press and Washington leaders think that these protesters are merely fighters for democracy.  CNN, for example, continues to call the anti-government crowd “pro-democracy”.  Why in the world are we being told as fact that this is simply a democratic movement?  These protests came after a pro-democracy uprising in Tunisia, but Islamists may be using that movement to help them with a power grab.

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